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Röchling Engineering Plastics

Röchling redefines engineering plastics by offering the most comprehensive line of products under one roof in North America. As a leader in the engineering plastics market, Röchling strongly believes innovation is the key to long-term success. New products, emerging markets and specialized applications are an essential part of Röchling’s strategy and overall vision.

Based on decades of thermoplastic processing experience, Röchling combines state-of the-art technology and exceptional customer service with an extensive range of products. In addition to standard materials, Polystone® M (UHMW-PE), Polystone® G (HDPE), Polystone® P (polypropylene), SUSTAMID® (nylon), SUSTARIN® (acetal), and SUSTA® Mechanicals and High Performance Materials, Röchling manufactures a wide variety of custom grades and colors. Röchling’s product line also includes medical grade plastics, including SUSTAPEEK MG, SUSTASON® PPSU MG (Radel® R), SUSTAPEI MG (Ultem), SUSTARIN® C MG (acetal), SUSTASON® PSU (polysulfone), Polystone® P MG (polypropylene), PE2PRINT® - Digital (award-winning HDPE for the printing industry), SUSTARIN® C XDT (x-ray detectable acetal for the food industry), Polystone® M-XDT (x-ray detectable UHMW-PE for the food industry), and the latest additions: LubX® C and LubX® CV (the new benchmark for sliding materials).

Röchling’s partnership with Piedmont Plastics is fundamental to the long-term entrepreneurial growth of both companies. Röchling strives to consistently deliver quality, high-performance, solid-value products to Piedmont Plastics, making every effort to keep Piedmont Plastics ahead of global trends and to provide opportunities for non-standard solutions from start to finish. For Röchling, this commitment comes from every level of the organization and goes beyond getting an order out the door on time and to spec — it's about finding whole solutions together and collaborating not only to meet Piedmont Plastics’ highest expectations but also to help shape new ones.