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In addition to being a leading distributor of stock plastic shapes, Piedmont provides custom fabrication services for finished and semi-finished parts. We take pride in collaborating with local fabrication companies to deliver quality turnkey finished parts for customers located throughout North America. We provide industry-leading CNC routing and machining services, as well as many other value-added alternatives such as heat bending, gluing, and assembly.

CNC (computer numerical controlled) routing and machining is the shaping of semi-finished parts through automated, computer-controlled processes. Equipped with a multitude of router bits, live tooling, and sub spindles, Piedmont’s routers efficiently machine parts for our customers with the utmost precision. Our equipment offers exceptional tolerances and exhibits faster cycle time compared to traditional manual processes. Our routers are equipped with Alphacam software, giving us the ability to machine materials from any branch location across the country, while maintaining the same commitment to quality. In addition to CNC routing and machining, we are also able to offer precision-planed surfaces for custom gauges.

At Piedmont, we take great pride in the technical acumen and skill set of our CNC programmers, who have successfully worked with plastics for many years and know how to maximize yields on the products they are handling. Put this experience to work for you by letting us provide you with the quality finished and semi-finished parts you need.