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Film Conversion

Piedmont Plastics operates two ISO Certified plastic film conversion facilities capable of meeting the diverse needs of markets across the country. Our film conversion facilities specialize in converting and distributing plastic film based on your exact specifications and requirements.

In addition to providing plastic film materials, we are proud to provide a full array of film conversion services to our customers, including the following:

Precision Guillotine Cutting: A converting process whereby sheets of film are precision square-cut to varying lengths and widths.

Interleaving: A process whereby thin tissue paper is placed between sheets of clear plastic film to prevent scratching. This is done during the sheeting process.

Laminating: A process of adhering a pre-mask or adhesive to a substrate.

Pre-Masking: The process of protecting a surface from contamination or scratching.

Rewinding: Winding down master rolls to custom roll sizes.

Sheeting: A converting process whereby a wide format roll of film is cut to varying lengths.

Slitting: A converting process whereby a wide format roll of film is slit or converted to varying widths and lengths.

Tipping: May be required for offset/litho printing. Attaching a sheet of white offset paper to one side of the plastic sheet along one edge using a thin line of aqueous based adhesive. This allows the glossy material to be fed through an offset press.

Visit our Film Solutions page to learn more about our key film products and conversion capabilities. 

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