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Cast Nylons Limited

Cast Nylons Ltd. is the largest North American producer of cast nylon. Cast Nylons sells cast nylon stock shapes and custom cast parts through an international network of distributors. Celebrating 35 years of market leadership, Nycast® material is available in the widest range of formulations/grades and shapes in the market—including sheet, rod, tube, discs, rings, and custom cast components.

Unsurpassed in product quality and technical support, Cast Nylons has the largest inventory in North America for cast nylon, providing quality products, design, and support as well as unmatched order fulfillment lead times—known collectively as The Nycast® Advantage.

In partnership with Piedmont Plastics, Cast Nylons develops end-use market requirements and assists customers in specifying and choosing material grades, formulations, and shapes for job-specific applications. Together, Piedmont Plastics and Cast Nylons provide innovative, precise solutions for today’s customers.