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Marine Grade PVC Foam Sheet

Piedmont Plastics stocks PVC foam sheet for marine applications, including Aqua-Plas I, Aqua-Plas III, Aqua-Plas IV, and Seaboard Endurabond.

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Marine Grade PVC Foam Sheet


FPVC (foam polyvinyl chloride sheet) is a lightweight alternative to solid PVC and other materials, handling heavy loads with ease and maintaining its good looks in the process. For marine applications, Piedmont Plastics stocks quality marine grade PVC foam sheet products, including Aqua-Plas® I, Aqua-Plas® III, Aqua-Plas® IV, and Seaboard® Endurabond™.

Aqua-Plas® I Ultra is used in marine upholstery applications and is known for its excellent staple and screw retention. It is also known for its superior impact strength compared to other PVC foam sheet in the market. Lightweight and environmentally friendly, Aqua-Plas® I Ultra is available in 1/4” to 3/4” thicknesses in white; limited thicknesses also offered in gray.

Aqua-Plas® III is primarily used as a coring material as a lightweight alternative to wood. Adhering to fiberglass without the need for surface preparation, Aqua-Plas® III is available in white in either 6mm or 25mm thicknesses.

Aqua-Plas® IV is an expanded FPVC sheet with a closed-cell structure and natural fiber filler. The durability of Aqua-Plas® IV can withstand moisture, resisting the rot, warpage, and delaminating that often occurs with wood and paper alternatives. Aqua-Plas® IV is available in 3/8” to 1 3/16” thicknesses.

Endurabond™ is primarily used as a coring material as an alternative to wood. Adhering to fiberglass without the need for surface preparation, it is resistant to corrosion, delaminating, rot, and splintering. Endurabond™ is known for its strong adhesion properties, extremely high screw retention, and impact resistance. Available in thicknesses ranging from 1/4” to 1 1/8”.

Piedmont Plastics is proud to carry the highest quality marine grade products, including our inventory of PVC foam sheet. For guidance on your particular application, contact our expert sales team at one of our many locations across North America.

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