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Security and Protection

Piedmont Plastics offers plastic materials for detention centers, police protection, bank teller windows, and convenience store security.

Security and Protection


From personal protection to bomb blasts, performance plastic materials provide a variety of solutions to match your threat level requirements. In order to keep up with today's ever-evolving global and local security threats, Piedmont Plastics is committed to offering our customers the latest protective technologies the industry has to offer.

Our Material Selection

In order to meet our commitment of providing the best products in the industry, we regularly explore and add new materials to our already diverse product portfolio. Whether you are building with opaque composites or clear laminates, we have a variety of options to meet your needs. We supply substrates, parts, and processing goods to industry manufacturers, OEMs, and end users. Performance plastics have taken on a major role in security applications such as detention centers, police protection, bank teller windows, and convenience store protection. Plastics can simply reduce or eliminate the threat. Our materials are also used in architectural and vehicle glazing, structural, hurricane, and bullet-resistant security, and other transparent applications.

Common Plastics for Security

Benefits of Plastics

The benefits of protective plastics are countless. Performance plastics are known to be durable, lightweight, impact resistant, and chemical resistant, all of which are beneficial attributes in protective applications. In fact, since performance plastics are extremely versatile, they offer protection in almost any environment. Depending on the material you choose, each product offers its own unique benefits. From the homes in our communities, to battles abroad, performance plastics offer superior security and protection for those that need it most.  

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At Piedmont Plastics, our plastics experts are ready to provide solutions for your security and protection applications. Contact us today and we’ll put you in contact with a member of our sales team!

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