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The Piedmont Plastics PolyCor™ product line is a uniquely engineered group of materials made specifically for the specialty vehicle market.

PolyCor™ AP

PolyCor™ AP is a durable siding panel made exclusively for trailers and other specialty vehicles. PolyCor AP is stronger than aluminum, and it will not warp or oil can like aluminum siding panels.

PolyCor AP panels are completely waterproof, impact resistant, structurally stable, and capable of maintaining a high-quality appearance even in harsh weather and temperature fluctuations. In addition, PolyCor AP’s lightweight design helps to reduce noise when driving on roadways.  This combination of material characteristics works to reduce overall cost and improve performance.

When compared to aluminum, PolyCor AP is slightly lighter than .040” aluminum, and 25% lighter than .050” aluminum. The average weight of PolyCor AP is 0.58 lbs/sq ft.

PolyCor AP is available for purchase in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colors. Our standard and vibrant color options are made using a polyester paint, which can be easily washed using standard household cleaners. Additionally, PolyCor AP can be custom cut to meet your unique specifications.

PolyCor™ P

PolyCor™ P is a uniquely formulated material that was designed to replace wood and steel in specialty vehicle applications. PolyCor P is durable, lightweight, and versatile, which is perfect for flooring, dividers, ramps, and cabinets. Unlike wood or steel, PolyCor P is completely waterproof and will not rot, warp, or rust when exposed to water.

PolyCor P is available in various sizes, thickness, and colors. It comes with embossed or cubic grain finishes and can also be ordered with anti-static and anti-skid features.

PolyCor™ HL

PolyCor™ HL is a durable twin-wall plastic ceiling panel made specifically for trailers and other specialty vehicles. Because of its lightweight yet sturdy design, it is the ideal material solution for interior headliner or ceiling panels in a wide range of vehicles.

PolyCor HL is also completely waterproof and will not deteriorate when exposed to water and moisture. This allows it to be easily washed with standard cleaning products. PolyCor HL is available in a variety of sizes and in different color options upon request.

PolyCor™ RP

PolyCor™ RP is an extremely durable transparent twin wall plastic roof panel for use in trailers and other specialty vehicles. It is a versatile material that is easy to install, making it the perfect replacement option for traditional products like metal roofing panels.

The unique design of PolyCor RP provides exceptional durability, allowing it to withstand extreme weather conditions including hail. In addition, PolyCor RP yields high amounts of light transmission and UV protection, making it an optimal solution for those who prefer natural light inside their trailer or specialty vehicle. Its distinctive structure also permits it to maintain high thermal insulation and enhanced energy efficiency.

PolyCor RP can come in a variety of sizes and is available for purchase as a clear or translucent white material.