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Wire Harness Fixtures

In the automotive and appliance industries, wire harnesses must have excellent insulating properties and low moisture absorption rates. Acetal and other plastics from Piedmont Plastics do this well.


Wire harness fixtures are used in many products including, but not limited to, appliances and vehicles. AutoCAD designs of an assembly are mounted to a board and the connection points (male and female) are tested throughout the process, usually in a production line set up. Because of its flexibility, electrical insulating properties, and low moisture absorption rate, acetal is a primary material used in holding the wire assembly at these test points.

Piedmont Plastics has been involved in applications using wire harness fixtures for many years. We work with the best acetal producers to deliver a product that meets the specifications of this application at a very competitive cost. With over 40 stocking warehouses in North America, Piedmont Plastics is uniquely suited to provide solutions for this application.