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Vending Machines

Today's vending machines have trendier looks and more durable designs. ABS plastic sheet and polycarbonate sheet from Piedmont Plastic is the perfect material to craft durable vending machines.


Vending machines have come a long way from the earliest models that dispensed postcards and postage stamps. They now furnish everything from candy and drinks to lottery tickets and DVDs. Many of today’s modern vending machines have sides and fronts made of rugged, rust-proof thermoplastic.

Most often vending machine sides are made of ABS plastic with fronts made of polycarbonate or PETG. All are extremely durable materials that can withstand impact or misuse and retain their eye-catching appearance. PETG and polycarbonate both offer design advantages. They can be easily fabricated and are easy to decorate with brand logos and colors. Piedmont Plastics carries a vast inventory of all these materials in a variety of colors, thicknesses, textures, and sizes to make old or new vending machines look their best.