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Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps transform a car in mere moments, giving your vehicle a custom look. Piedmont Plastics offers vinyl wraps and adhesives that make designing a new look for your vehicle a breeze.


Vehicle wraps are a form of advertising that can transform any vehicle into a mobile billboard. Wraps can be used on public vehicles like buses and trains to generate revenue through advertisements as well as on company vehicles to label a fleet or promote the business. Improvements in Vehicle Wrap technology and consumer demand have led to a rapid expansion in this industry over the last decade.

Vehicle wraps are created from digitally printed vinyl film that is cut and applied to the body of a vehicle. Window applications can also be done using a window perforated product to allow a measure of visibility through the graphic. Advancements in plastics and adhesives have led to more versatile and cost-effective vehicle wrap options. Piedmont Plastics carries the latest technology in vinyl and adhesive materials to take care of all your vehicle wrap needs.