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Valves and Fittings

From plumbing to food manufacturing, most industries require durable, corrosion-resistant valves and fittings. Piedmont Plastics has the plastic materials to create high quality, durable valves and fittings.


Nearly every industrial process uses valves and fittings to control, direct, or regulate the flow of fluids. Because of their high chemical resistance, durability, and electrical properties, valves and fittings made from high quality thermoplastics often outperform parts made from metal. Piedmont Plastics stocks a wide variety of quality materials used in the production of valves and fittings for a multitude of uses.

Industries such as water and sewage processing, mining, electrical, oil and gas, printing, and food manufacturing require these valves and fittings for use in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, packaging and filling equipment, lubrication and cooling lines, machine tools, and ink transfer. Residential uses of valves and fittings include washing machines, sinks, and sprinkler systems—even aerosol cleaning or cosmetic products.

There are a wide variety of plastic materials used in manufacturing high quality valves and fittings. Whatever your challenge, our team of experts is well suited to help you find a solution.