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Paint Barrier

Thin plastic polyethylene sheet from Piedmont Plastics is water and chemical resistant, so it’s the perfect material to create paint barriers. Talk to your local Piedmont facility to learn more.


In both commercial and residential painting, plastic paint barriers have become the standard for protecting flooring and décor from overspray while also acting as a dust barrier for newly painted surfaces. This thin, sheet-like material is lightweight and can be taped to or draped over any surface.

Made from ultra-thin durable polyethylene sheeting, paint barriers typically come in easy to dispense rolls, allowing contractors and customers to cut the sheeting to the desired length. This material is resistant to water, rot, wrinkles, and chemicals, and can be reused multiple times. Other industries use polyethylene sheeting to protect against weather at outdoor construction sites or as a weed barrier in agricultural applications.

In over 40 locations in North America, Piedmont Plastics carries a large stock of quality polyethylene sheeting in varying thicknesses and colors and can provide expertise on the right products for any application.