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Transparent, chemical resistant polycarbonate film from Piedmont Plastics is a printable film perfect for nameplates. Manufacturers print on the underside to keep graphics bright.


Nameplates made of polycarbonate film provide great design flexibility for engineers. Printing on the second surface, or underside of transparent polycarbonate film protects graphics from the elements and provides an aesthetically pleasing “deep wet” look that meets the most demanding customer design requirements.

Customers can now choose from a large selection of finishes including clear, matte, velvet, and fine matte in a wide variety of gauges. In addition, designers can offer many added value coatings to their list of options, including those offering scratch, UV, and chemical resistance, as well as light diffusing properties.

Excellent dimensional stability and ease of processing make polycarbonate film the natural alternative for film insert molding applications. The film can now be printed, formed and die-cut before being placed in the injection molding unit. Finished 3D parts in a number of colors and designs come complete right out of the mold.

Piedmont Plastics maintains a team of dedicated Film experts ready to help you make the right selections for your nameplate applications. Contact your nearest Piedmont branch today, and let us know your requirements. We’ll help you find the perfect solution.