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Floor Graphics

Piedmont Plastics stocks film products that can be laminated onto floors to ensure slip resistance on wood, tile, sealed concrete, laminate, and carpets.


Floor surfaces are quickly becoming prime real estate for marketers in stores, in public spaces, at events and more! Through the use of floor graphics, floors in both indoor and outdoor locations serve as very effective mediums for conveying instructions and advertising messages. Floor graphics are being used for a multitude of applications, such as promoting sales, providing directions, building brand awareness, and conveying new guidelines like social distancing.

Additionally, floor graphics act as an easy way to communicate with in-store customers. Whether it be directing customers to locations within your store or enforcing guidelines such as social distancing requirements in checkout, pharmacy and deli lines, floor graphics allow you to provide useful information in a highly visible way. Floor graphics are also becoming widely used in public places such as schools, DMVs and any other space that regularly sees large groups of people as a way to further promote social distancing requirements. Read more about this new demand here.

Floor graphics are digitally printed on a variety of film options then laminated to ensure slip resistance. Floor graphics can adhere to a wide variety of surfaces and are easy to install and remove. Additionally, floor graphics can be coated with removeable adhesives to allow them to be removed or repositioned without damaging the integrity of the design or leaving residue behind. Piedmont Plastics stocks slip-resistant floor graphic materials that can be used temporarily and long-term on wood, tile, sealed concrete, laminate, and carpets; and outdoors on unsealed concrete, blacktop and sidewalks.

Our experienced Piedmont team is ready to help provide the materials and expertise needed for all of your floor graphics projects.

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