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Flat and Formed Sign Faces

Piedmont Plastics carries every material needed for flat and formed sign faces, including acrylic, polycarbonate, flex face, and LED lights.

Flat and Formed Sign Faces


A sign face refers to the outer surface of a sign as seen by the sign’s audience. Sign faces can be either flat or thermoformed and are often backlit to provide additional visibility for restaurants, service stations, and other businesses.

Sign faces are commonly made from acrylic, polycarbonate, or flex face material, and can be embossed, painted, or applied with digital prints or vinyl. Acrylic materials provide an economic option for signs and can be backlit or edge-lit. Polycarbonate is both strong and long lasting, standing up to extreme temperatures without any risk of breakage. These materials can also be backlit with LED lights and are easy to form and shape. They also provide a number of options in design, color, and texture.

Piedmont’s knowledgeable sales staff is experienced in all materials available for flat or formed sign faces, and our deep inventory and local presence throughout North America makes us uniquely equipped to service any project, large or small.