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Piedmont Plastics stocks SupraFLEX® vinyl banner material for billboards, which is water resistant, durable, and holds color.


Billboards are a common term used to describe a type of outdoor advertising found along major highways and roads. This name is most frequently given to large steel-framed signs, which are mounted on poles 20-100 feet above the ground. Most often, the sign is wide/large format printed on vinyl banner material, which is affixed to the face of the sign. These signs may also be equipped with a variety of special lighting and display effects.

Vinyl banner makes an excellent material for billboards because of its water resistance, color fastness, and durability. Although most billboard banner is black back / frontlit material, Piedmont’s SupraFLEX® line of banner materials also includes Horizon (Frontlit) and Breeze (Mesh) that are well suited for billboard applications. Piedmont stocks these materials in over 40 locations throughout North America.