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Advertising Displays

Piedmont Plastics proudly stocks multiple plastic products, including rigid plastic sheets, which can be used in various types of advertising displays.


When it comes to capturing the attention of today’s fast-paced consumer, advertisers are tasked with creating messages that are both effective and informative. Advertising displays bring these messages to life by combining imagery, lighting, and even digital technology in the form of display kiosks, ideal for shopping malls, colleges, cafes, airports, office buildings, and trade shows.

Advertising displays can be either static or digital with curved or flat ad faces, allowing for maximum versatility and visibility. Unmatched by other materials, plastics allow for a broad range of design and fabrication options in these displays, enabling advertisers to reach consumers in a unique and economical way.

Piedmont stocks multiple products used in the production of advertising displays, including acrylic used to protect imagery for fabricated and rigid displays, rigid and flexible media for direct print, and LED lights to highlight the advertising message. A popular choice for the base of these displays is weather-resistant aluminum composite material (ACM). A one-stop solution, Piedmont offers all of these materials and more, resulting in innovative displays that effectively showcase an advertiser’s message.