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Plaskolite TUFFAK® AL General Product Information

TUFFAK 15 polycarbonate sheet EXTENDED ABRASION AND UV RESISTANCE TUFFAK 15 sheet is a polycarbonate product that offers excellent impact resistance in high risk areas weathering life and optical quality. It provides a clear aesthetic advantage over wire glass and metal screens for security glazing. TUFFAK 15 protects against vandalism forced entry attempts or attacks and accidental impacts to minimize the risk of theft and glass replacement in damage prone areas. Advanced manufacturing technology has resulted in high optical quality with minimal distortion in clear and standard glazing tints. The abrasion resistant coating applied to both sides provides up to twice the life of prior polycarbonate sheet products. TUFFAK 15 sheet has a fifteen 15 year Limited Product Warranty against breakage yellowing and loss of light transmission. The terms of the warranty are available upon request. Typical Properties Property Test Method Units Values PHYSICAL Specific Gravity ASTM D 792 1.2 Light Transmission ASTM D 1003 86 Chemical Resistance ASTM D 1308 Pass Taber Abrasion 100 Cycles CS-10F ASTM D 1044 2 Delta Haze MECHANICAL Tensile Strength Ultimate ASTM D 638 psi 9500 Tensile Modulus ASTM D 638 psi 340000 Flexural Strength ASTM D 790 psi 13500 Izod Impact Strength Notched 0.125 ASTM D 256 ftlbsin 16 Izod Impact Strength Unnotched 0.125 ASTM D 256 ftlbsin 60 Instrumented Impact 0.125 ASTM D 3763 ftlbs 47 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ASTM D 696 ininF 3.75 x 10-5 Heat Deflection Temperature 264 psi ASTM D 648 F 270 Heat Deflection Temperature 66 psi ASTM D 648 F 280 THERMAL FLAMMABILITY Horizontal Burn AEB ASTM D 635 in 1 Ignition Temperature Self ASTM D 1929 F 1022 ASTM D 1929 F 824 Ignition Temperature Flash Typical properties are not intended for specification purposes. APPLICATIONS Educational psychiatric and medical facilities retail and government buildings and transportation centers at risk from breakage and vandalism Regulatory code compliance and certific

ations ANSI Z97.1-2009 2015 American National Standard for Safety Glazing Materials Used in Buildings Safety Performance Specifications and Methods of Test Class A Unlimited CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Category I and Category II Safety Standard for Architectural Glazing Materials Florida Building Code 2017 6th Ed. High Velocity Hurricane Zone Classified Miami-Dade NOA NOA ICC-ES Evaluation report ESR-2728 UL 972 Burglary Resistant Glazing Materials UL File BP2126 AAMA 501.8 Resistance to Human Impact of Windows Systems Intended for Use in Psychiatric Applications TUFFAK 15 polycarbonate sheet Chemical Resistance Impact Resistance 50 Chemical Tested 47 Total Energy ftlbs 40 30 20 10 0 0.5 Glass 2 Acrylic TUFFAK 15 Instrumented Impact per ASTM D 3763 sample thickness is 0.125 nominal Abrasion Resistance 30 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 25 Tested in accordance to ASTM D 1308-02 Always keep hazardous chemicals away from uncoated edge of Tuffak Polycarbonate Sheet 20 14.0 Weather Behavior in Vertical Orientation 12.0 Yellowness Index Delta Haze 30 Resistance Time Acetone Ammonia 10 concentration Antifreeze 5050 Benzene Bleach Clorox concentrated Chloroform Denatured Alcohol Di 2-ethylhexyl phthalate Diesel Oil Isopropyl Alcohol IPA Kerosene Methyl Alcohol Methyl Butyl Ketone Methyl Ethyl Ketone Methylene Chloride Naphthalene 1-bromoPotassium Hydroxide - Lye 10 Sodium Hydroxide 10 Toluene Turpentine Unleaded Gasoline 87 Octane Vinegar Xylene Acids Hydrochloric Acid 20 Nitric Acid 20 Sulfuric Acid 20 15 10 5 0.6 2 Glass TUFFAK 15 Uncoated PC Taber Abrasion per ASTM D 1044 100 cycles using CS-10F wheel These suggestions and data are based on information we believe to be reliable. They are offered in good faith but without guarantee as conditions and methods of use are beyond our control. We recommend that the prospective user determi

ne the suitability of our materials and suggestions before adopting them on a commercial scale. 2018 PLASKOLITE LLC 082018 TUFFAK is a registered trademark of Plaskolite LLC 8.0 Competitive Coated PC 6.0 4.0 2.0 TUFFAK 15 0.0 -2.0 0 Uncoated Polycarbonate 10.0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Years 12 13 14 15 16 Based upon Xenon WOM accelerated weathering for UV dose at mid-latitude location PLASKOLITE 400 Nationwide Blvd Suite 400 Columbus OH 43215 4 PDS091