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KYDEX Color Palette

Technical Brief Surface Textures of KYDEX Thermoplastic Sheet For information applicable to KYDEX FST please refer to 300 series technical briefs. TB - 105 Standard KYDEX Sheet Textures P-E Smooth Nap Similar characteristics to P-8 Suede texture Slightly more embossing compared to P-8 Suede texture P-H Seville Leathercowhide grain type texture Not recommended for deep draw parts due to texture stretch Often used against similarly grained leathers P-K Cashmere High abrasion resistance Excellent for flat lamination or shallow draw components Not recommended for deep draw or tight radii due to glossing Texture Characteristics Cleaning KYDEX sheet has excellent chemical resistance and is easily cleaned with many common household cleaners such as fantastik and Formula 409. The texture of KYDEX sheet plays a major role in the ease of cleaning. Shallow textured sheet can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth while a heavier texture may require use of a scrub brush to remove material from texture valleys. For more information on cleaning of KYDEX sheet please refer to Technical Brief 160-A - Cleaning KYDEX Sheet and Technical Brief 160-B - Cleaning and Maintaining KYDEX 510 on our website at Ease of Cleaning P-A Smooth P-8 Suede P-K Cashmere Soft cloth minimum scrubbing P-E Smooth Nap P-3 Velour Matte Soft cloth little scrubbing P-H Seville P-C Level Haircell P-1 Haircell Brush may be necessary to clean valleys AbrasionMar Resistance KYDEX sheet is commonly used in high abuse applications where it is important that the appearance of the sheet is maintained throughout the life of the material. Many of the standard textures have been developed to offer high levels of abrasion and mar resistance providing not only superior durability but also lasting appearance. AbrasionMar Resistance P-H Seville P-1 Haircell P-C Level Haircell P-K Cashmere P-E Smooth Nap P-3 Velour Matte P-8 Suede P-A Smooth 2014 Sekisui Polymer Innovations LLC. All rights reserved

. KYDEX is a registered trademark of Sekisui Polymer Innovations LLC. 091614 Technical Brief Surface Textures of KYDEX Thermoplastic Sheet For information applicable to KYDEX FST please refer to 300 series technical briefs. TB - 105 Texture Characteristics Tooling Marks Texture rolls are produced through an engraving process that uses a machining tool to cut the texture into the face of a cylinder roll. This tool has a specific width which machines multiple sections across the width of the cylinder roll. Points on the engraved cylinder where the tooling sections meet have a faint transition line. These lines leave a faint impression in the sheet surface and are more noticeable in darker coloured sheet. Textures that have tooling marks include P-1 Haircell P-8 Suede P-C Level Haircell P-E Smooth Nap and P-H Seville. P-3 Velour Matte P-K Cashmere and P-A Smooth are non-directional patterns that do not show tooling marks from the engraving process. Gloss Level The gloss level of KYDEX sheet is determined by the process rolls used to texture the sheet. Most texturing rolls produce a low gloss appearance with the exception of P-A Smooth which has a higher gloss due to its polished surface. If necessary a higher gloss can be achieved by adjusting the process conditions of the texturing rolls in all textures except P-H Seville. The level of gloss achievable will be limited according to the process capabilities of each texturing roll. In addition in achieving a higher gloss level the texture of the sheet will be less defined and will have a washed out appearance. Because we cannot anticipate or control the many different conditions under which this information and our products may be used we do not guarantee the applicability of the accuracy of this information or the suitability of our products in any given situation. Users should conduct their own tests to determine the suitability of each product for their particular purposes. Data in the physical property table repre

sents typical values and are to serve only as a guide for engineering design. Results are obtained from specimens under ideal laboratory conditions. Right to change physical properties as a result of technical progress is reserved. THE PRODUCTS DISCUSSED ARE SOLD WITHOUT WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED EXCEPT AS PROVIDED IN OUR STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE. Buyer assumes all r ure product grade and other conditions may cause variations in appearance. This information supersedes all previously published data. 2014 Sekisui Polymer Innovations LLC. All rights reserved. KYDEX is a registered trademark of Sekisui Polymer Innovations LLC. 091614