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Piedmont Plastics Sign Solutions Brochure

Sign Solutions Why Piedmont WE OFFER Over 50 Branch Locations Expert Product Knowledge Local Inventory Value-Added Services WHO WE ARE OUR COMMITMENT At Piedmont Plastics our recipe for success for over 50 years has been excellent customer service local knowledgeable employees and competitive prices on the worlds best brands. Customer service is a core value of Piedmont Plastics. In that time we have grown from a local supplier of basic plastic shapes and films to one of the leading plastic distributors in North America. knowledgeable sales representatives and the right With a reputation for integrity that permeates every aspect of our business we have established a legacy of customer service and product quality. We embrace every opportunity to promote enjoyable profitable relationships with our customers employees and suppliers. On-Time Shipping Premier Brands Industry Expertise Quality Management Systems State-of-the-Art Conversion Equipment With over 50 distribution centers throughout North America chances are we have what you need when you need it... FAST. We are committed to providing every customer with the highest level of service in the industry. This commitment reaches far beyond simply providing you with our product mix. Through our dedication to this goal our customers have come to rely on us for the PREMIER CHOICE for your signage needs Find more solutions at PIEDMONT SIGN GRADE ALUPOLY ACM FEATURES Piedmont Sign Grade AluPOLY is a versatile aluminum composite material ACM made of two thin layers of aluminum bonded on either side of a polyethylene core. Attributes including dimensional stability a lightweight design and a scratch-resistant surface give AluPOLY extreme strength and a long lifespan. GAUGES SHEET SIZES Gauges Standard Sheet Sizes 2mm 48x96 insulation and wall linings and as a substitute for 3mm 48x120 steel applications. 6mm 60x120 Other Sizes Available ACM is commonly used for exterior and interior

signage in construction for building cladding Anti-corrosion and primer treatments applied to both sides of the aluminum sheet ALUPOLY GRADES Polyester painted surface accepts most types of inkpaints Economy High Strength HS Excellent ultraviolet UV ray protection and weatherability Standard Digital Easily cut fabricated mounted and installed using everyday tools APPLICATIONS InteriorExterior Signage Temporary Traffic Signage Real Estate Signage CeilingWall Panels Digital Printing POSPOP Directional Informational Signage Exhibition Stands Displays STANDARD COLORS Black Yellow White Brushed Aluminum Brite White Brushed Gold Red Brushed Silver Green Digital Blue CUSTOMIZATION Interior Design Colors gauges and sizes available 2D3D Signage Also included in the Piedmont Plastics ACM portfolio is Dibond Alupolic AluCoil and Alucobond. And Much More... Piedmont Sign Grade AluPOLY meets UL specification as a component for sign accessories in accordance to UL879 and meets UL specifications as a component for wall and ceiling finishes in accordance to ULE84. Sign Solutions 1 Sign Faces ACRYLIC Offering endless possibilities sign grade acrylics are easily thermoformed and highly weatherable. Available in clear and an extensive range of colors textures and special formulations acrylic is the top choice for sign fabricators when incorporating threedimensional elements or unique lighting effects. Piedmont Plastics stocks sign grade light diffusing cell cast and extruded acrylic in both sheet and reel of various gauges. POLYCARBONATE OPTIX LD OPTIX SG-05 OPTIX SG-10 Polycarbonate can be easily fabricated thermoformed and decorated. Sign grade polycarbonate is an enhanced UV resistant product that has a proven track record of outstanding performance in any environment with excellent impact strength and dimensional stability. Plexiglas SG Plexiglas ELIT II Sign grade polycarbonate is available in both sheet Plexiglas MC and reel of various gau

ges. Plexiglas Sylk TUFFAK SL Palsun TUFFAK LD Palsun SG Channel Letter Materials ALUMINUM COIL Piedmont Plastics stocks high quality pre-slit aluminum coils for channel letters that come PVC masked standard. Aluminum does not rust and is much lighter and easier to install than steel. Coils are available in a painted milled or anodized finish. GEMINI TRIM-CAP Piedmont Plastics stocks the full line of GemTrim including three-quarter inch one inch and the newest addition of two-inch-wide rolls. GemTrim bonds easily is UV stable and wont fade STANDARD COLORS crack peel or delaminate. White Matte Gloss Bronze Bright Red Chevron Blue Black Matte Gloss Heron Blue Hunter Red Other Colors Available STANDARD ROLL LENGTHS 270 Other lengths available WIDTHS GAUGES Widths Gauges 3.5 .040 4.3 .063 5.3 .080 Additionally Gemini has an industry leading selection of 26 standard colors available. We offer a wide range of sign products sure to fit the needs of various sign applications. Illuminated Plaques and Panels Letters Logos Cast Stainless Steel Letters Precision-Tooled Aluminum Letters Etched and Engraved Fabricated Acrylic Letters ADA and Wayfinding Frames and Blanks Marquee Theater Letters GemTrim Rolls Sign Solutions 3 LED Lighting FEATURES Sign grade LED lighting is the most efficient cost-effective method for indoor and outdoor signage. LEDs are quickly replacing traditional neon and fluorescent lighting methods and are now used in electronic signage worldwide. LEDs deliver a bright uniform light across sign faces allowing sign builders to light their signs with less material reducing overall system costs. Sign OEMs and their customers benefit from greater ease of installation longer light lifespan and greater energy efficiency. BENEFITS Stocked in varying formats for use with continuous reel modulesfoot lumens outputfoot Choice of modules per foot and Kelvin output reduces energy usage while maximizing light emission Stocked in s

everal variations for the most demanding applications - IP Ratings Kelvins Temperature and Lumens per foot. LED ACCESSORIES Aluminum Extrusions Power Supplies Paige Wire BRANDS OFFERED U.S. Distribution APPLICATIONS Channel Letters Sign Cabinets EdgeDisplay Lighting LED Tapes Flex Lighting Border Tubes Canadian Distribution Accessories VENTEX TECHNOLOGY LLC We offer toggle switches transformers power supply boxes fluorescent lamp-holders and various adhesives to our sign customers. Cost saving features that cuts labor time in half All products are UL compliant H.B. FULLER LMT ONSRUD Router bits specifically manufactured for plastic. Increases productivity with faster feed rate Allows for easier chip formation and evacuation Provides a sharper cutting edge that delivers a better finish edge Superb wear resistance and tool strength Improved bottom finish and plunging capabilities Available in upcut downcut and straightcut versions Available in 116 to 38 diameters We offer a full line of high quality adhesives manufactured in the U.S. Products include structural epoxy methacrylate and cyanoacrylate that can withstand various indooroutdoor environments. Products ASI 55420 WELD-ON We offer a number of Weld-On cement products for applications that need strong bonding high impact strength corrosion resistance and weatherability. Products 3 16 30 45 52 58 45 30 INDUSTRIAL TAPE Fast and easy-to-use permanent bonding method that provides high strength and long-term durability. Can replace mechanical fasteners rivets welding screws or liquid adhesives Absorbs shock and distributes stress evenly Creates a permanent seal against environmental elements Sign Solutions 5 YOUR LOCAL BRANCH Charlotte For a full list of locations visit piedmontplastics.comlocations Were closer than you think. Important It is the users responsibility to ensure the suitability and safety of the product for all intended uses. As a distributor Piedmont Plastics does not warrant th

e merchantability of the product or the capability of the product for the purpose intended by the user. Users should independently test each material prior to use for suitability for their specific purpose according to instructions in any technical data sheet. Piedmont Plastics does not assume any responsibility or liability for any advice provided or for performance or results of any installation or use of the product or any final product into which the product may be incorporated by the purchaser andor user.