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Piedmont Plastics Mass Transit Solutions

Mass Transit Solutions FEATURES Piedmont Plastics is committed to supporting the mass transit bus and rail markets with innovative compliant products and solutions. We offer access to the most diverse vendors and resources available in the industry. Our network coupled with our local distribution N. American footprint make it easy to consider Piedmont Plastics when sourcing materials and solutions. We follow industry best practices and believe in a local at home feel while doing business with our valued customers. EXTERIOR COMPONENTS Thermoformable substrates that can be used for various applications ranging from heat deflector and MACHINED COMPONENTS shielding to body components. These substrates can be custom color matched high gloss and be virtually unbreakable while sustaining color and performance properties in the elements. For example this category includes Capped ABS Blended PCs TPOs and many more. Engineered plastics portfolio that can be matched to the applications performance criteria. For example this category includes traditional materials such as Acetal i.e Delrin Nylon PTFE i.e. Teflon Phenolics i.e. GPO3 and many more. Parts made of these materials can offer longer part life in applications reduce down maintainance time INTERIOR COMPONENTS Thermoformable substrates that can be used for reduce weight and will not rot or corrode. GLAZING PARTITIONS various applications ranging from dash boards seat components lighting ducting and vents. We offer materials that meet industry codes such as Flame and Dripper ASTM E 162 Smoke per ASTM D 662 and ASTM E 162 Bombardier Toxic Gas Generation per SMP 800-C Boeing Toxic Gas Generation per BSS 7239 CONTACT US 800.277.7898 Toll Free 704.597.8200 5010 W. W.T. Harris Blvd Charlotte NC 28269 Most all of the materials offered are transparent tints and clear in color. These materials are most always balanced by compliance to price. Piedmont Plastics offers glazing materials compliant to t

he following DOT Codes DOT ANSI Z26.1-1996 --- AS2 AS3 AS4 AS5 AS6 AS7 Bus Rail Solutions GLAZING PARTITIONS PORTFOLIO Polycarbonate and acrylic sheet and parts DOT AS2 AS4 AS5 AS6 and AS7 compliant Fritted polycarbonate sheet and parts for structural bonding to window frames and bodies Custom sheet lamination colors and coatings available upon request Multi-Layer PET Anti-Graffiti films and parts Anti-Reflective PET films for reduced reflection and glare properties for bus operator windows INTERIOR COMPONENTS PORTFOLIO ABS PVCAcrylic Kydex TPO PC etc. LED Lighting Modules Films Diffusion Acrylic and Polycarbonate Sheet MACHINED COMPONENTS PORTFOLIO Phenolics Acetal Delrin Nylon PE Ultem PEI Teflon Torlon PAI Polypropylene and PVC EXTERIOR COMPONENTS PORTFOLIO TPOs Blended PCs Capped ABS and Woven PP CONTACT US 800.277.7898 Toll Free 704.597.8200 5010 W. W.T. Harris Blvd Charlotte NC 28269