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Piedmont Plastics Heavy Equipment & Agricultural Solutions

Heavy Equipment Solutions Why Piedmont WE OFFER Over 50 Branch Locations Expert Product Knowledge Local Inventory Value-Added Services WHO WE ARE OUR COMMITMENT At Piedmont Plastics our recipe for success for over 50 years has been excellent customer service local knowledgeable employees and competitive prices on the worlds best brands. Customer service is a core value of Piedmont Plastics. In that time we have grown from a local supplier of basic plastic shapes and films to one of the leading plastic distributors in North America. knowledgeable sales representatives and the right With a reputation for integrity that permeates every aspect of our business we have established a legacy of customer service and product quality. We embrace every opportunity to promote enjoyable profitable relationships with our customers employees and suppliers. On-Time Shipping Premier Brands Industry Expertise Quality Management Systems State-of-the-Art Conversion Equipment With over 50 distribution centers throughout North America chances are we have what you need when you need it... FAST. We are committed to providing every customer with the highest level of service in the industry. This commitment reaches far beyond simply providing you with our product mix. Through our dedication to this goal our customers have come to rely on us for the PREMIER CHOICE for your heavy equipment needs Find more solutions at Cab Glazing Solutions POLYCARBONATE SHEET Tuffak FP Glazing that can be structurally bonded to cab and offers excellent UV and scratch protection. HYGARD LEXGARD Laminated glazing applications that require operator Tuffak AR Glazing that must be mechanically fastened and offers protection from flying objects ballistic and forced entry protection and must be flat not curved. excellent UV and scratch protection. Tuffak HV CUSTOM SOLUTIONS Glazing that performs similarly to Tuffak AR but with Anti-fog coatings PET tear-offs for glazing protection imp

roved optics and protection for heavy equipment optical heaters for cab comfort and anti-fog thermoformed parts hard coating fritting part Tuffak TG identification and laminating. Glazing that performs similarly to Tuffak HV but will meet most transportation codes Heavy Equipment Solutions 1 Interior Cab Solutions PVCPMMA - KYDEX T Thermoformed parts such as Seating components Wall clading Window reveals POLYCARBONATE - KYDEX 2200LT Thermoformed parts such as Seatbacks Bulk head components Arm rests Wallceiling panels Window shrouds ABS PRINTED ELECTRONICS Dash components Wall components LED LIGHTS CR39 Modules Strips Printed Toggle and push button replacement LCD display protection Wear Compression Impact Solutions POLYCARBONATE Snow plow blades Mounting blocks Equipment view windows UHMW - POLYSTONE MATROX RAMEX PREMIUM REPROCESSED SYMPLATE ACETAL Wear bearings Impellers Rollers Tarp bows Sliding elements Bucket Conveyorchute liners Hopper Snowplow blades Silo Hopper Silo and chute liners Snowplow Blades VHW HY-PACT NYLON Wear bearings Hoist couplers Rollers Pulleys Sliding elements Bucket pivot bushings String glider parts Pile drivers Cable sleeves on drag lines Cable clamps Boom pads Exterior applications UV Protected Bucket URETHANE Bucket Sheet Liners PET PPS PEEK PTFE PET PPS Hanging bearing for augers Mounting blocks Seals Rings PEEK PTFE Piston rings Seals Gears Seals Tank liners Heavy Equipment Solutions 3 Exterior Body Solutions CO-EXTRUDED POLYCARBONATE SHEET Thermoformed parts that require weathering capability durability high and low temperature resistance in extreme outdoor applications and that must be ductile and have a repairable surface. ACRYLIC CAPPED HIGH IMPACT ABS SHEET Thermoformed parts that require high gloss finish outdoor weathering and durability. TRI-LAYERED PMMAABS SHEET TPO SHEET Thermoformed parts that require UV protection high gloss or matte surfaces and great depth

of colors and images. ASA CAPPED HIGH IMPACT ABS SHEET Thermoformed parts that require high gloss finish low temperature impact strength chemical resistance dimensional stability high heat resistance and a large thermoforming processing window. SAFE PASS MUD FLAPS Thermoformed parts that require high gloss finish outdoor weathering durability and good color retention. Anti-Curl Anti-Sail Anti-Spray mud flaps SYM-MAT Door mat designed for the step rail of conventional tractors Notes Heavy Equipment Solutions 5 For a full list of locations visit piedmontplastics.comlocations Were closer than you think. Important It is the users responsibility to ensure the suitability and safety of the product for all intended uses. As a distributor Piedmont Plastics does not warrant the merchantability of the product or the capability of the product for the purpose intended by the user. Users should independently test each material prior to use for suitability for their specific purpose according to instructions in any technical data sheet. Piedmont Plastics does not assume any responsibility or liability for any advice provided or for performance or results of any installation or use of the product or any final product into which the product may be incorporated by the purchaser andor user.