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Piedmont Marine Grade® Aqua-Plas® II Foamed

AQUAPLAS FOAMED AQUA-PLAS II PMG Foamed Aqua-Plas II HDPE is created through an extrusion process using heat and pressure which transforms co-polymer high density polyethylene pellets into sheets of various thicknesses. MATERIAL INFORMATION Current Thickness Production Capability .200 to 1.5 Current Sheet Size Production Capability max. 75 wide x 216 long - min. 36 x 36 max.min. varies with thickness Tolerance Information Gauges - 5 Length .25-0 at room temperature Width .25-0 at room temperature PROPERTIES UNITS NATIONAL VALUES ASTM Density gcc 0.955 D1505 Tensile Strength Yield psi 4100 D638 Tensile Modulus psi 250000 D638 Elongation Break 600 D638 Elongation Yield 9.8 D638 Flexural Modulus psi 185000 D790 Flexural Stress 5 Strain psi 3810 D790 Compressive Properties 10 Strain psi 4950 D695 Durometer Shore D 68 D2240 Tensile Impact ft.lbsin2 115 D1822 Izod Impact Resistance ft.lbsin 1.1 D256 Brittleness Temp. CF -76C -105F D746 Vicat Softening CF 123C253F D1525 Heat Deflection Temp. 66 psi CF 75C 167F D648 10- inin C deg 155 D696 .60 D2047 Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion Anti-Skid Wet Coefficient of Friction CONTACT US 800.277.7898 Toll Free 704.597.8200 5010 W. W.T. Harris Blvd Charlotte NC 28269 2 6