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Norplex Micarta Tubing Technology

High Performance Thermoset Composites Phenolic Resin -- Paper Substrates Norplex-Micarta NP600 Series The NP600 series of thermoset composites is made with various paper substrates and several different phenolic resins. These combinations yield cost-effective products with excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties machining qualities and outstanding performance in a wide range of applications. NP600 Series The NP600 series includes a range of products that are optimized for different tasks. In some cases special additives enhance key performance properties NP629 is a machining grade intended for mechanical application with high resistance to moisture. The material also has a low potential for splitting when edge drilled and tapped NP612 is suitable for room temperature punching and shearing in thicknesses up to 0.125 NP843 is made from a semi-conductive phenolic resin with an insulating core for X-ray applications requiring maximum X-ray clarity and static dissipation SkatePlate 3000 is composed of a phenolic resin and mechanical grade kraft paper providing excellent strength and durability in both indoor and outdoor skateboard park applications. Phenolic resins are fundamentally strong and resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. They thoroughly coat the surfaces andor impregnate the reinforcing paper which can vary from economy and mechanical grades to electrical grades in natural or pigmented varieties depending on the application and desired appearance. Even at high temperatures phenolic resins retain their chemical structure and rigidity. Hence the NP600 series provides excellent performance even in high-temperature refractory and foundry environments and when exposed to acids cleaning solutions and lubricants in the food processing industry. The NP600 series is also ideal for low-voltage dry electrical applications. These laminated thermoset composites are easier to machine than metal with less tool wear. They do not spark when struck a

key property that enables them to be used in explosion-proof environments. In addition parts made of phenolic-paper provide strength and insulation properties that meet or exceed those of low-end thermoplastic materials. Phenolic-paper composites are ideal for fabricating a variety of rigid parts including drill entry and backing panels washers terminal boards breaker arms high-voltage switch gear components and intricate punched parts. Specialty phenolic-paper materials can even be used to construct X-ray-clear tables and outdoorindoor skateboard parks. Resin impregnated cover sheets are applied to some grades to improve the moisture resistance change the laminate color and provide special properties to the composite. NP600 NP602 NP605 NP664 Engineered with a low-phenolic resin content these economy grade laminates are typically hot-punched or machined for various low-voltage electrical applications. They are best suited for applications with dry conditions. Composed of unbleached kraft paper this low-cost phenolic-paper composite is a room-temperature punching grade. NP664 features high exural strength and provides excellent mechanical and electrical properties. NP843 NP611 This product is made from a static-dissipative phenolic resin and kraft paper substrates. Its insulating core makes it ideal for X-ray applications that require maximum X-ray clarity such as X-ray tables in operating rooms. This phenolic-paper material offers excellent mechanical electrical insulation and moisture-resistant properties. NP611 is a warm- to hot-punching grade used for switch parts terminal boards insulating washers and other intricate punched parts. NP660 is an economy version of the NP611 providing cost-effective alternatives for applications with less stringent mechanical electrical or moisture-resistance requirements. NP629 Combining good electrical properties and excellent resistance to moisture and splitting this phenolic-paper machining grade composite is ideal for high-vo

ltage switch gear applications in the electrical devices market. SkatePlate 3000 Composed of a phenolic resin and mechanical grade kraft paper this product provides excellent strength and wears well at outdoor and indoor skateboard parks. Unlike plywood and other skate park surface materials SkatePlate 3000 does not splinter has high strength and has a lower tendency to cause abrasions. NP612 A paper based phenolic grade which is suitable for room temperature punching and sheering. Suitable for intricate punched parts the product is designed for applications in which electrical and moisture requirements are of secondary concern. Industry Standards Norplex-Micarta Grade ANSIASTM NEMA LI-1-1998 Miltary MIL-I-24768...Type IEC 60893 Part - 3 - Sheet- Type NP600 NP602 NP605 --- --- --- NP611 XP 19 - PBM - P - 4 - PF CP 201 NP612 XPC 20 - PBM - PC - 4 - PF CP 207 NP629 XX 11 - PBG - 4 - PF CP 203 NP664 XPC 20 - PBM - PC - 4 - PF CP 207 NP843 --- --- --- SkatePlate 3000 --- --- --- 2013. Norplex-Micarta. All Rights Reserved. SkatePlate is a trademark of Norplex-Micarta Postville Iowa.