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TIVAR H.O.T. UHMW-PE Developed specifically to excel in chemical and thermocycling environments with temperatures ranging up to 135C 275F TIVAR H.O.T. is becoming the material of choice for baking food processing packaging conveyor manufacturing grain processing and many other major industries where temperatures are too high for standard TIVAR but below the need for Teflon or other thermoplastics. Key B e n e f i t s Extends material wear-life Resists abrasion corrosion chemicals and moisture Excels in supported applications up to 135C Meets FDA guidelines 21CFR 178.2010 and 21CFR 275F when standard UHMW breaks down 177.1520 USDA compliant Lasts up to 10 times longer than standard UHMW Exhibits excellent release characteristics in higher temperature environments Change in Izod Impact Change in Izod Impact Sand WheelTesting Testing Sand Wheel 20 1000 60 0 750 -20 40 20 0 Abrasion Index 80 kJmm 2 Tensile MPa Tensile Comparison Tensile Comparison -40 12 24 36 48 60 Weeks exposed at 135C 275F -60 16 32 48 64 80 Weeks exposed at 135C 275F TIVAR H.O.T. UHMW-PE 500 250 0 12 24 36 48 60 Weeks exposed at 135C 275F STANDARD UHMW-PE MCAMconnect In dust r i e s Baking C o mmo n A p p licatio ns Chemical Chain guides Confectionery Conveyor components Conveyor manufacturing Flights paddles Dairy Guide rails Food processing packaging Liners Grain processing Seals valves Medical Wearstrips pads plates Av a i l a bi l it y Sizes 48 x 120 sheets with gauges ranging from 116 to 6 48 x 240 sheets with gauges ranging from 34 to 3 Rollers sprockets Grain drag flights Pro d uct A p p lications Food Processing Rollers sprockets and wearstrips manufactured from TIVAR H.O.T. for applications in food processing show no signs of wear after numerous chemical and water washdowns unlike their stainless steel counterparts. Rod sizes from 0.5 to 6 Grain Processing Other sizes available on request Grain drag flights manufactured from Shap

es Standard Shapes Custom Profiles Rod Tube Sheet TIVAR H.O.T. last longer and perform better in higher temperatures or where chemicals such as Hexane are used than those manufactured from standard UHMW. Proofing Ovens TIVAR H.O.T. J-leg wearstrips are used in proofing ovens or food dehydrators. Candy Mixing Paddles TIVAR H.O.T. candy mixing paddles solve discoloration galling and wear problems associated with other thermoplastic materials. Distributed by All statements technical information and recommendations contained in this publication are presented in good faith and are as a rule based upon tests and such tests are believed to be reliable and practical field experience. The reader however is cautioned that Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information and it is the customers responsibility to determine the suitability of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials products in any given application. TIVAR is a registered trademark of the Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials group of companies. Design and content created by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials and are protected by copyright law. Copyright Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials. All rights reserved. MCM-FP-03E 8.28.19