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Covestro Makrofol® SR906 1-1 040009 Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Film

Makrofol SR906 1-1 040009 Description and Application Information Makrofol SR906 1-1 040009 is a clear transparent extruded polycarbonate film with an acrylic functional layer. The film comprises a high UV protection additive. The acrylic on the top surface offers improving scratch resistance while the polycarbonate back surface provides excellent printabililty. The combination of the acrylic functional layer and the polycarbonate layer of Makrofol SR906 040009 overcomes the low impact resistance of PMMA films. The UV protection benefits a low change in the yellowness index even if passing the weathering test. Additionally Makrofol SR906 1-1 040009 film has good heat resistance and excellent impact strength. Makrofol SR906 1-1 040009 is especially designed for the Film Insert Moulding FIM process. Excellent formability by High Pressure Forming HPF as well as thermal forming processes are possible. Due to the acrylic functional layer Makrofol SR906 040009 can be used as well for injection overmolding with Acrylic or backmolding with Polycarbonat giving high filmresin adhesion even passing typical climate test conditions for automotive interior parts. Makrofol SR906 1-1 040009 has been designed for applications in the automotive interior IT and EE sector. It is available in the standard thickness range of 175 250 375 and 635 m. Surface structure is gloss-gloss. Makrofol SR906 040009 is supplied with the protective masking film on both sides. Guide data General properties Property Density Value 1.2 Unit of measurement gcm Gloss 1 - surface Method ISO 1183 20C Method C ISO 2813 Angle 60 backprinted black 85 digits Roughness R3z following ISO 428788 1 - surface 0.5 Pencil hardness F m ASTM D 3363 750g Taber abrasion delta Haze after 500 cycles top side 30 ASTM D 1044 ASTM D 1003 page 1 of 3 Edition 2016-04-13 Replaces edition dated 2015-09-30 Product Datasheet Makrofol SR906 1-1 040009 Optical properties Property Light transmission Value 89 Yellowness inde

x 1 Unit of measurement ASTM D1003 Haze 1 - surface Method acc. to ISO 13468-2 ASTM D 1003 0.5 UV resistance acc. to DIN ISO 4892-A D 6510 YI after weathering test 1000 hours 1.1 Mechanical properties Property Stress at break Value 50 Unit of measurement MPa Method ISO 527-13 23C Strain at break 5 ISO 527-13 23C Tensile modulus 2200 MPa ISO 527-13 23C These values provide general information and are not part of the product specification. Labeling and REACH applications This product data sheet is only valid in conjunction with the latest edition of the corresponding Safety Data Sheet. Any updating of safety-relevant information in accordance with statutory requirements will only be reflected in the Safety Data Sheet copies of which will be revised and distributed. Information relating to the current classification and labeling applications and processing methods and further data relevant to safety can be found in the currently valid Safety Data Sheet. page 2 of 3 Edition 2016-04-13 Replaces edition dated 2015-09-30 Product Datasheet Makrofol SR906 1-1 040009 The manner in which you use and the purpose to which you put and utilize our products technical assistance and information whether verbal written or by way of production evaluations including any suggested formulations and recommendations are beyond our control. Therefore it is imperative that you test our products technical assistance information and recommendations to determine to your own satisfaction whether our products technical assistance and information are suitable for your intended uses and applications. This application-specific analysis must at least include testing to determine suitability from a technical as well as health safety and environmental standpoint. Such testing has not necessarily been done by Covestro. Unless we otherwise agree in writing all products are sold strictly pursuant to the terms of our standard conditions of sale which are available upon request. All information and

technical assistance is given without warranty or guarantee and is subject to change without notice. It is expressly understood and agreed that you assume and hereby expressly release us from all liability in tort contract or otherwise incurred in connection with the use of our products technical assistance and information. Any statement or recommendation not contained herein is unauthorized and shall not bind us. Nothing herein shall be construed as a recommendation to use any product in conflict with any claim of any patent relative to any material or its use. No license is implied or in fact granted under the claims of any patent. This product is not designated for the manufacture of a medical device 1 or of intermediate products for medical devices. This product is also not designated for Food Contact 2 including drinking water or cosmetic applications. If the intended use of the product is for the manufacture of a medical device or of intermediate products for medical devices for Food Contact products or cosmetic applications Covestro must be contacted in advance to provide its agreement to sell such product for such purpose. Nonetheless any determination as to whether a product is appropriate for use in a medical device or intermediate products for medical devices for Food Contact products or cosmetic applications must be made solely by the purchaser of the product without relying upon any representations by Covestro. 1 Please see the Guidance on Use of Covestro Products in a Medical Application document. 2 As defined in Commission Regulation EU 19352004. Editor CAS Specialty Films Covestro AG Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee 60 D-51373 Leverkusen page 3 of 3 Edition 2016-04-13 Replaces edition dated 2015-09-30 Product Datasheet