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Hexacomb® Falconboard® Product Brochure

The green graphic board Made primarily from forest resources recyclable and renewable. The green graphic board for signage exhibit and display applications Falconboard from Hexacomb is a fully recyclable rigid paper-based graphic media board which offers superior performance over most traditional foam and corrugated options. Its paper-based construction and global production capability makes Falconboard an ideal solution for your rigid graphic display board needsregardless of where your business is located. Falconboard paper-based products are environmentally-responsible because they are made primarily from renewable forest resources and are completely recyclable. Its structural characteristics strong flat and rigid enable improved performance compared to both foam board and corrugated. This unique structure can handle the most demanding of graphic display requirements due to its high rigidity and dimensional stability. Falconboards unique structure can handle the most demanding of graphic display applications due to its superior rigidity and dimensional stability. It is also is recommended for short-term to semi-permanent interior POP applications as a replacement for traditional wood or foam materials. PERFORMANCE High rigidity and dimensional stability Superior beam and compression strength Superior fabrication capabilities including table and die-cutting processes Highly flat and smooth surface Lightweight but exceptionally strong allows freight and handling savings Withstands the weight of heavy products Excellent printability bright colors no read-through no topography in images Tough core resists denting Durable scratch and warp resistant No additional backing required VERSATILITY Custom sizes available Product can be shipped boxed or bulk Works well with most inks and adhesives Works with most commercial connective systems such as edge tape and plastic or metal edging or channels Well-suited for a diverse range of applications and fabrication

Aesthetically pleasing appearance with different finishes white natural kraft and black Easy-to-use and store Use and reuse for multiple functions SUSTAINABILITY Excellent alternative to traditional foam boards made from polyethylene PE polystyrene PS or polyvinylchloride PVC Made with SFI certified all natural renewable virgin and post-consumer recycled fibers Completely recyclable Renewable and reusable Made in the USA Check your areas corrugated paperboard recycling policy. Promotes closed loop recycling Lessens dependence on petroleum-based resins Lessens landfill waste Baler friendly Recyclable with corrugated waste Increases corporate environmental responsibility and stewardship SFI certification in North America only. Sustainable Forestry Initiative and SFI are registered trademarks of SFI Inc. The Falconboard family of graphic board FALCONBOARD PRINT Falconboard Print is an excellent green alternative to traditional foam boards for interior signage and POP displays. Falconboards printing capabilities equal that of foam boards. Major benefits include Suitable for the most demanding of graphic display requirements due to its high rigidity and dimensional stability Direct print eliminates the added cost and labor step of mounting Excellent brightness and printability FALCONBOARD ALL WHITE Falconboard All White is a graphic board produced with white core and liners for customers who prefer a clean white edge. It is designed for higherend interior signage three-dimensional displays and POP applications as sustainable replacement for foam. Improved visual appeal and graphic presentation due to white edge Excellent brightness value Significantly more rigid than foam FALCONBOARD BUILD FALCONBOARD Falconboard Build is structurally engineered for demanding threedimensional POP applications to market heavierbulk products. These include food and beverage products liquor or soft-drink bottles heavier food packages lawn and garden items consumer elec

tronics toys books and more. Its resistance offers designers more creative options compared to foam board wood and corrugated. Tough core allows clean V-cuts for the creation of 3D structures Significantly lighter than wood and metal and easier to handle ALL BLACK Falconboard All Black is designed for signage and POP applications where a truly dark background is required like outdoor movie promotion theatre displays and more. Superior opacity that brings out the colors of the printed images Dark edge reduces edge objections Ideal environmentally-responsible replacement for foam boards FALCONBOARD MOUNT Falconboard Mount is a backing board structurally engineered for demanding roll media and mounting requirements as well as for the production of large 3D structures. Improved visual impact underlying cell structure not visible after lamination Kraft facing kraft core provides a natural paper look. Used as mounting board it strengthens the resistance of POP displays made of corrugated Falconboard meets your demands Custom sizes available plus a full range of standard sizes Product can be shipped boxed or bulk Excellent brightness value White edges provide a clean bright look Flat and smooth printing surface to streamline production Edging and cutting solutions for the most relevant worldwide manufacturers Die cutting solutions available Falconboard supports creative retail displays Falconboards creative potential and ease of assembling allows the design of original and attractive in-store decorations to get target shoppers attention Its superior fabrication and handling capabilities deliver cost-effective and outstanding display exhibit and signage applications Environmentally-responsible material that helps retailers and brands to reach their green initiatives Applications Digital Direct Printing Point-of-purchase Painting Screen Printing POP displays Retail market Interior Signage Exhibits Framing Mounting Kiosks Contact Piedmont Plasti

cs for Falconboard solutions 1-800-277-7898 2013 Packaging Corporation of America. All rights reserved. HEXACOMB and FALCONBOARD are trademarks of Packaging Corporation of America.