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Global Security Glazing Lexgard® FE250 Laminate

LEXGARD FE250 Laminate Product Datasheet Description LEXGARD FE250 laminate is a two-ply polycarbonate laminate primarily developed for security protection. LEXGARD FE250 laminate combines dependable protection and exceptional abrasion resistance. Typical Property Values Property GaugeTolerance Weight Shading Coefficient Calculated U-Factor Light Transmission Average Gardner Value Value .265 5 1.6 lbs per sq. ft 1.06 Clear .95 90 Clear LEXGARD Laminates FE250 Specifications LEXGARD Laminates FE250 LEXGARD FE250 Laminate Two-ply clear extruded polycarbonate of the following construction 18 Polycarbonate sheet with abrasion resistant surface Polyurethane interlayer 18 Polycarbonate sheet with abrasion resistant surface Material shall have a flexural strength not less than 13500 psi ASTM D790 90 light transmission ASTM D1003. Material shall be a total thickness of .265 5. Material shall have an abrasion resistant surface to improve service life performance. Available Colors Clear 112 Bronze 5109 Grey 713 Green31035 Standard Sheet Sizes 38 x 96 48 x 60 48 x 72 72 x 96 in inches 48 x 48 48 x 96 60 x 96 Glazing Information Structural security metal framing is suggested and where applicable rated to the appropriate security protection level. A minimum edge engagement of one 1 inch is recommended with allowances for material expansion. Larger lites may require deeper engagements. The use of compatible sealant or gasket material is recommended with flexible material on both sides of the laminate. Do not use PVC gasket material. Do not use setting blocks made from PVC EPDM or neoprene rubber materials. Santoprene rubber is suggested. If these other rubber products are required a protective barrier material should be used between the rubber setting block and the LEXGARD sheet edge. Santoprene is a registered trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation LEXGARD is a registered trademark of LEXGARD Laminates LLC Global Security Glazing 616 Selfield Road Selma AL 36703 1-800-640-65