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Global Security Glazing ICGP1516

Specification Sheets PRODUCT NAME ICGCP1516 PRODUCT CODE PERFORMANCE TESTING Forced Entry H.P. White Level III-TP-0500.02 ASTM 1915 Grade 2 WMFL Level II Ballistic .38 special handgun 3 shots in an 8 circle 158 grain 20 feet357 magnum revolver 3 shots in an 8 circle 1 58 grain 25 feet. Spall with no penetration. CONSTRUCTION 18 Chem-Tem or Heat Strengthened .050 Urethane 18 Polycarbonate .025 Urethane 14 Polycarbonate .025 Urethane 18 Polycarbonate .050 Urethane 18 Chem-Tem or Heat Strengthened THICKNESS .856 Nominal THICKNESS TOLERANCE .776 .936 WEIGHT 7.0 Lbs. Square Foot MAXIMUM SIZE 60 OPTIONS Tinted glass transparent mirror reflective glass wire glass Low E glass insulated units. The use of some options may alter product thickness TECHNICAL DATA U-ValueSolar Heat Gain Co-efficientLight Transmission- APPLICABLE STANDARDS ANSI Z97.1 CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Category I and II ASTM C 1036 SINGLE RESPONSIBILITY Global Security Glazing products are covered by our Single Responsibility Program that ensures one firm has handled and is accountable for all phases of manufacturing. INSTALLATION All glass should be installed in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the current edition of the Glass Association of North America GANA Glazing and Sealant Manuals. Glazing systems should incorporate a weep system to allow moisture and water to escape the glazing channel. x 96 .70 .69 .69 ASTM C 1349 ASTM C 1422 ASTM C 1048 Recommended Clearance Face 18 per side Edge 14 Bite 1 D006A 408 616 Selfield Road - Selma Alabama 36703 Tel 800-633-2513 - Fax 334-875-2704