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Gilman Brothers MountCor® Foamboard

HEAT ACTIVATED FOAMBOARD 130F Permanent Heat Activated Foamboard 130F Safe Temperature Universal Permanent Adhesion Translucent Gridded Release Liner Clean Dust-Free Surface No Air Entrapment Acid Free Rigid Foam Cuts Clean Translucent Gridded Release Liner 130F 54C Safe for All Artwork MountCor has set a new standard for safe mounting with the lowest permanent bonding temperature in the industry 130F 54C. This safe temperature prevents destruction of artwork caused by excessive heat. MountCor offers the lowest bonding temperature of any heat activated board available and is safe for All digital prints Toner copiers laser plotters Water borne solvent UV and latex inkjet Resin coated and digital photo papers Posters and prints Synthetic papers and substrates Polyester encapsulated charts and maps MountCors permanent bond also means no edge lift when removed from the press and it is perfect for bonding using multiple bites in a mechanical press. Acid Free MountCors acid-free features are designed for longterm preservation and will last several hundred years under normal library and archive conditions. MountCors facing papers meet ANSINISO Z39.481992 R2009 Standard for Performance of Paper for Publications and Documents in Libraries and Archives. MountCors adhesive and foam center are pH neutral and inert. MountCors translucent gridded release liner makes positioning images easier than ever. Each board comes with a release liner to protect the adhesive during storage which may also be used during mounting. MountCors release liner eliminates the need for release boards except in multiple bites The release liner helps keep your work safe clean and particle-free before during and after mounting. The permanent adhesive stays bonded during shipping or storage at high or extended summer temperatures. Unused trim from oversized boards placed in press is reusable. Smoother Surface MountCor s smooth precision coating and special air release technology completely eliminat

e air entrapment. Since MountCor does not rely on a textured adhesive for air flow it will never transfer any pattern to your finished artwork regardless of pressure. MountCor gives you the performance you need with complete confidence while saving both time and money. Available in white or black 316 thick with standard sizes ranging from 24x36 to 48x96. Longer dwell times will be required if a release board is used rather than release paper. Never use a release board in the bottom of a vacuum press. For the MountCor Quick Mounting Guide instructions and tips please refer to the back of this sheet. The Gilman Brothers Company 860-889-8444 MountCor Mounting Guide Image Temperature Mechanical Vacuum draw Roll Laminator Porous Paper thin light newsprint 130F 30 seconds 2 minutes Heavy Asian Paper uneven and textured 130F 30 seconds 2 minutes Open Edition Reproductions 130F 30 seconds 2 minutes 4-ply mat 130F 30 seconds 2 minutes Polyester and encapsulates 130F 30 seconds 2 minutes 260F Multiple Bites with 4-ply release board 130F 4 minutes NA 2-4 fpm RA-4 fiber base RC photos 130F 30 seconds 2 minutes Digital paper laser copies plotters 130F 30 seconds 2 minutes Dye sublimation dye diffusion 130F 30 seconds 2 minutes Inkjet dye pigment solvent UV 130F 30 seconds 2 minutes Recommended Settings Duration times may vary depending on weights of materials and sizes being mounted. Additional time is required if a release board is used in a vacuum press. A release board is required for multiple bites in a mechanical press. Recommended temperature is 260F at 1-4 fpm for most lightweight paper images. Testing is suggested if rollers that are set at lower temperatures andor faster fpm. Mounting Instructions 1. Warm press or laminator to recommended temperature. 2. Peel back liner to expose leaving 2 of liner attached to lower edge of board. 3. Align image to be mounted face up between board and gridded release liner. 4. Since th

e liner is translucent verify alignment by sliding the image until desired position is achieved. 5. Close the release liner and make certain all layers are properly aligned and are covering all exposed adhesive. 6. Mechanical Press - Place into press lock properly adjusted press closed for the desired time at 130F. 7. Vacuum Presses - Place into press make sure release liner covers entire board and set timer at 130F for 2 minutes plus the press draw time. 8. Roll Laminators - Set proper temperature for desired roller speed. It is important to feed the board with the sealed liner edge entering the roller nip first to ensure smooth alignment and no ripples of the release liner. 9. The liner may be used indefinitely to protect mounted pieces from damage until trimmed or framed. Multiple bites in mechanical press Trimming Tips A loose liner should be discarded with trimming done from the exterior edges of the image. For wall mounted cutters use only light pressure setting to prevent image scuffing. WARNING Foamboard is combustible and may constitute a fire hazard if improperly used. Do not expose to flame or other ignition source as this product may burn rapidly. For more information and MSDS sheet call Gilman Brothers Company at 800-852-4220. The Gilman Brothers Company 860-889-8444