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General Formulations Concept® 232

Product Bulletin Concept 232 6 mil Perforated Window Film REMOVABLE ADHESIVE A 6.0 mil white front side and black adhesive side flexible vinyl film with a clear removable acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on an 84 layflat liner. This film is designed to accept a variety of solvent-based inks including ecosolve common to wide format digital printing. The removable pressure sensitive adhesive is designed for excellent compatibility with vinyl films to give clean removal from glass. The two layer perforated liner system allows for UV digital printing of this product. Applications This product is designed for production of see through graphics for windows. Open area is approximately 50 with a hole size of .060 inches 1.5 mm. Recommended for use on flat vertical vehicle windows or commercial store windows. In use this product is applied to the exterior glass surface. This surface must be clean to assure adequate product bond. Do not use solvent or ammonia based glass cleaners for cleaning. When this product is used on vehicles some states have minimum light transmission regulations. The user of this product is responsible for complying with these regulations Thickness Film 6.0 mils. Adhesive .8 to 1.0 mil. Liner 6.0 mils. Thickness variance 10 Dimensional Stability Temperature Ranges Good. Minimum application temperature 40F. Service temperature 0F to 150F. Expected Exterior Exposure Removal for up to 1 year under normal exposures conditions. Adhesion To glass 8 oz in Tested according to PSTC-101 Method A procedure with 24 -hour dwell at 70F and 50 relative humidity. Typical values. Individual values may vary. Test thoroughly before production. Water Resistance Humidity Resistance Solvent Resistance Storage Stability Excellent. Excellent. Good One 1 year shelf life when stored at 70F and 50 relative humidity. Product Code Concept 232-54 Concept 232-60 Recommendations Completely evaporate ink solvents before application. Failure to do so may facilitate solvent penetrati

on resulting in premature vinyl degradation. 54 x 100 60 x 100 Manufacturer of Pressure Sensitive Films Traffic Graffic Floor Advertising Films Custom Coatings and Printing Inks. 309 S. Union P.O. Box 158 Sparta Michigan 49345 616 887-7387 800253-3664 FAX 616887-0537 Web Site e-mail We believe the information on this product to be accurate. However since we cannot anticipate or control the conditions under which this information or our products may be used we cannot guarantee results obtained through their use. Tests of our products should be made by users to determine the suitability of these products for a specific purpose. The products are sold without warranty either express or implied. The purchaser should refer to General Formulations Incs Price List for Terms and Conditions or Sale Including Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability.