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Drytac® ReTac® Duo

ReTac TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Duo ReTac Duo is a 1 mil 25 clear TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION PRODUCT STRUCTURE PET film coated on both sides Adhesive adhesive on one side to be used Film with adhesive. It has a permanent on graphic prints and ReTac ultra removable adhesive on the other allowing it to be easily removed and re-positioned for repeated use. Permanent Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Clear PET Adhesive ReTac ultra removable and re-positionable adhesive Release Liner 2 Side PE Coated 2 Side Siliconized Kraft ReTac Duo is designed to adhere to walls doors or any smooth surface without leaving behind residue or damaging the surface when removed. The adhesive is self-wound on a two-sided PE coated siliconized Kraft release paper. IDEAL FOR TRANSFORMING PHOTOS POSTERS GRAPHICS OR NEWS CLIPPINGS INTO WALL OR WINDOW GRAPHICS OR RE-POSITIONABLE DECALS PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Film Thickness 1 mil 25 Adhesive Layer 1 mil 25 on each side Outdoor Durability 2 Years Application Temperature 41F 5C Service Temperature Range 40F to 120F 4.4C to 48.9C Shelf Life 2 Years Storage Conditions 59F to 72F 15C to 22C 50 - 55 Relative Humidity 3 mil 75 PROCESS SETTINGS Equipment Type Temperature Roller Laminator Room temperature to 104F 40C Press Speed 1 ft to 8 ft 0.3m to 2.5m per minute Not recommended Please Note Plasticizer migration from some PVC substrates could cause adhesive residue being left behind upon removal For more information performance and warranty guidelines please contact your local Drytac office. 2019 Drytac Corporation. EOE. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Europe Canada USA Filwood Road Fishponds Bristol BS16 3RY United Kingdom Tel 44 0 117 958 6500 105 Nuggett Court Brampton Ontario L6T 5A9 Canada Tel 1 800.353.2883 5601 Eastport Boulevard Richmond Virginia 23231 USA Tel 1 800.280.6013 w w w. d r y t a c . c o m