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Drytac® ReTac® Clear PET

ReTac Clear PET ULTRA REMOVABLE PVC-FREE GRAPHICS ReTac Clear PET is a clear gloss polyester PET film with a ReTac ultra removable and repositionable adhesive. This high quality Latex and UV printable clear PET was specifically developed with the environment in mind and is ideal for POP retail and hospitality window wall and counter top graphics. Installation is both simple and clean for customers as ReTac Clear PET does not require water to be applied to surfaces. The film also offers residue-free removal making life easier for customers when an application has reached the end of its life. RETAC CLEAR PET IS APPROVED BY THE US FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION FDA FOR INCIDENTAL FOOD CONTACT EXTENDING ITS REACH TO PROJECTS INCLUDING COUNTER-TOP GRAPHICS PRODUCT CODE RTZC 3.0 mil Clear Polyester PET Gloss APPLICATIONS Counter Top Graphics Latex UV Window Wall Graphics Retail Promotions Clear ReTac Ultra Removable and Repositionable Adhesive POS Advertising Widths up to 54 in YEARS 5 Y LIT RA DU BI INTERIOR EXTERIOR 2 Years Removability w w w. d r y t a c . c o m ReTac Clear PET TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ReTac Clear PET is a 3 mil 75 clear PRODUCT STRUCTURE one side with ReTac ultra removable Film printable polyester film coated on adhesive protected by a 78 siliconized kraft release paper. ReTac Clear PET offers a sustainable solution suitable for latex and UV printing that can be easily applied re-positioned and removed without surface damage or loss of adhesion. IDEAL FOR EASY TO APPLY RETAIL AND POP WINDOW GRAPHICS NO WET INSTALL NEEDED RETAC CLEAR PET IS A NON-PVC SOLUTION OFFERING A MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY OPTION TO SATISFY THE RISING DEMAND FOR SUCH PRODUCTS FROM ALL CORNERS OF THE MARKET Gloss Clear Polyester PET Adhesive Clear ReTac ultra removable and repositionable adhesive technology Release Liner 78 one side siliconized PE coated Kraft PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Film Thickness 3.0 mil 75 Adhesive Layer 0.7 mil 18 3.7 mil 93 Outdoor Durabil

ity 5 Years 2 Years Removability Ink Dependant FDA Certification PASS FDA 21 CFR 177.1630f.g Application Temperature 41F 5C Service Temperature Range 40F to 120F 4.4C to 48.9C Shelf Life 2 Years Storage Conditions 59F to 72F 15C to 22C 50 - 55 Relative Humidity Installation Recommendations Dry installation is recommended. Please refer to the ReTac Clear PET Application Guide for more details. For more information performance and warranty guidelines please contact your local Drytac office. 2023 Drytac Corporation. EOE. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Europe Canada USA Filwood Road Fishponds Bristol BS16 3RY United Kingdom Tel 44 0 117 958 6500 30 Driver Road Brampton Ontario L6T 5V2 Canada Tel 1 800.353.2883 5401-B Eubank Road Sandston Virginia 23150 USA Tel 1 800.280.6013 w w w. d r y t a c . c o m