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Contra Vision® Performance™ Standard and HD Translucent White TWPAG30 and TWPAG40HD

Product Focus Performance Translucent White When its dark outside conventional one-way vision see-through graphics produced using white on black perforated window film may not be visible at all if interior lighting overpowers the image or there is no adequate exterior illumination. Performance Translucent White perforated window film utilizes the ambient building lighting and offers great results both day and night. Existing internal lighting is usually sufficient to create a backlit effect with the use of Performance Translucent White. The impact of the illuminated graphics can be increased by removing point sources of light from directly behind the window and adding spot or flood lights from outside the field of vision. The daytime view out through Performance Translucent White is still remarkably good and natural light is allowed into the building. The eye will tend to focus on the outside view and ignore the ghost image of the print that is visible on the inside of the film. Performance Translucent White is available in both Standard Definition 7030 and High Definition HD 6040. Our HD version gives a superior image quality utilizing our exclusive 1mm micro perforations. It also offers the smoothest see through from the reverse. Product Specification Product name Performance Translucent White Performance HD Translucent White Product code TWPAG30 TWPAG40HD Transparency 7030 6040 Application Outside Inside unprinted for privacy applications Outside Inside unprinted for privacy applications Roll width 54 inch 54 inch Roll length 30ft 150ft 30ft 100ft Primary uses Outdoor Advertising Retail Promotions Shopping Malls Outdoor Advertising Retail Promotions Shopping Malls Fine detail print Product Focus Consideration needs to be given when using Performance Translucent White as strong sources of internal lighting at the wrong angle may burn through the graphics. Overall the impact of the graphics will always be greater than with conventional white on black perforate

d films. Ideal situation Ideal lighting conditions for Performance Translucent White deliver exceptional results. Directional lighting should be positioned beyond the line of sight through the applied graphic from the outside and directed onto the graphics reverse side. Other interior lighting should be switched off if the interior surfaces are light in color but may be left on if the surfaces are dark or the directional light is sufficiently powerful. Acceptable situation Acceptable lighting conditions for Performance Translucent White deliver variable results but a considerable improvement over conventional see-through graphics. Directional lighting beyond the line of sight through the graphics to the interior should be directed onto the reverse side of the graphic. If walls and other surfaces are light in color and other lighting cant be extinguished the results will lack the contrast and impact achieved in ideal conditions. Non-ideal situation In situations where the environment behind Performance Translucent White is lit with heavily diffused illumination sources that cant be turned off and the walls and other surfaces visible are lightly colored or if point and diffused light sources are visible through the graphic from the exterior results will be sub-optimal and other means of illumination should be explored. Ideal lighting conditions deliver exceptional results. Product Name Performance HD Translucent White Product Reference TWPAG40HDA Page Revision Date Replaces Authors 12 1 CVNA 22 October 2019 None RAS Description Performance HD TWP40AHD is a Translucent White perforated self-adhesive vinyl with 40 transparency and a removable pressure-sensitive adhesive featuring a Universal Liner with Grayliner technology. This film is used to create backlit see-through graphics. This allows an image to be seen on the outside of a window during the day while allowing viewing through from the inside and during the hours of darkness in appropriate lighting conditions al

lows the image to be backlit so that it can still be seen on the outside. A ghost reverse image of the print can be seen from the inside although the mind will concentrate on the outside view and not the ghost image. This promotional film features a part-perforated paper liner and is intended for UV-cure solvent eco-solvent and latex inkjet printing and screenprinting. Typical Properties PROPERTY Face film Film thickness Hole pattern Adhesive Liner Liner weight Application temperature Peel adhesion 24 hours Peel adhesion 1 month Removability Durability VALUE Translucent White polymeric calendered pvc 55-60 opacity 40-45 transmission when unperforated. 7.1 mil 0.4 mil 180m 10 m 40 transparency 0.04 1.0mm diameter holes Transparent solvent polyacrylate 1.23 ozyard2 0.09 ozyard2 35gm2 3gm2 Part-perforated Universal Liner. Perforated silicone coated paper laminated with grey-printed paper backprinted with Contra Vision Performance branding. 5.36 ozyard2 0.18 ozyard2 152gm2 5gm2 after perforating Minimum 39F 4C air and substrate 14.4 ozIn4N25mm Printed film on glass typical value 18 ozin 5N25mm. Printed film on glass typical value Minimum 12 months clean removability without adhesive residue at 73F to 77F 23C to 25Cand RH of 50-60 3 years Durability stated is for unprinted and untreated material correctly applied to an inert vertical substrate subject to MidEuropean weathering conditions. Some printing inks and drying or curing regimes may reduce the expected lifetime of the printed graphic. Please consult your ink manufacturer for guidance. Incorrect application methods inadequate window cleaning and preparation and incompatible window treatments may reduce the expected lifetime of the applied material whether printed or unprinted overlaminated or unlaminated. Mechanically sustained damage chemical damage and UV-degradation to printed unprinted laminated or unlaminated material may also reduce expected durability. Typical application life is eighteen months. All perf

orated window films are especially vulnerable to damage along the edges and corners which may lead to premature failure. Shrinkage Service temp Shelf life x direction 0.6 y direction 0.6 FTM14 -13F to 149F -25C to 65C 2 years Under ordinary condition at temperature of 72F 22 and relative humidity of 50-55 Other info Copyright Contra Vision North America Inc. 2019 Product Name Performance HD Translucent White Product Reference TWPAG40HDA Page Revision Date Replaces Authors 22 1 CVNA 22 October 2019 None RAS Regulations Some countries and regions have laws or regulations requiring minimum light passage that may limit or preclude the use of this product on vehicle windows. The user is responsible for determining and complying with all applicable standards. Substrate Recommendations This product is not recommended for use on glass with coatings such as anti-reflective self-cleaning and scratch-resistance which may be damaged during film removal. Application Recommendations Apply the film using a dry application method. Surfaces to which the material will be applied must be thoroughly cleaned from dust grease or any contamination. Final clean with soap and water. Rinse and dry glass after cleaning. Not to be applied to fresh paint or ink polycarbonate rubber plastic moldings and certain PVCs. In case of doubt please test prior to final application. This product is not recommended for use around a sharp angle where there is a limited area either side of the angle. The film must not touch the rubber window molding. If two graphic panels meet side by side on a window carefully trim the film so that the panels meet and form a butt seam. Do not overlap the panels. Observe the minimum application temperature and the graphics should not be washed within 24 hours of application. Printing Recommendations Universal Liner construction correctly printed eliminates the bridging over the perforated holes that can occur with UV curing inkjet printers and Replacement Liner construction

. After printing the ink must be thoroughly dry including in the perforated holes to avoid any contamination particularly during lamination. a This document is intended as a source of information is given without guarantee and does not constitute a warranty. Purchasers should independently determine prior to use the suitability of the product for their specific intended purpose. All trademarks in this datasheet are Contra Vision Ltd Copyright Contra Vision North America Inc. 2019