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Contra Vision® Laminating Film CL50CYE

Product Name Laminating Film Product Reference CL50CYE Page Revision Date Replaces Authors 12 2 CVNA 01 February 2019 A RAS Description CL50CYE is a clear gloss cast PVC laminating film featuring a polyester liner. CL50CYE laminating film is intended for lamination onto Contra Vision perforated self-adhesive vinyl to prevent water and dirt filling the perforated holes and impairing through vision. This film also offers UV protection increased image life and an attractive gloss finish. perforated self-adhesive vinyl laminated with CL50CYE is designed for use on flat and gently curving surfaces. Typical Properties PROPERTY VALUE Face film Clear gloss cast PVC Film thickness Hole pattern 2 mil 50m NA Transparent permanent solvent polyacrylate Adhesive Liner Single-sided silicone-coated polyester 3 mil 75mthick Liner weight Application temperature Peel adhesion 24 hours Peel adhesion 1 month Removability Durability 7 years Durability stated is for unprinted and untreated material correctly applied to an inert vertical substrate subject to MidEuropean weathering conditions. This refers to the overlaminate itself and not any extra durability that it gives the printed image. Shrinkage Service temp Shelf life Other info 5 mil 0.13mm after 158F 70C for 48 hours -40F to 175F -40C to 79C 2 years Under ordinary condition at temperature of 72F 22 and relative humidity of 50-55 Minimum lamination temperature 68F 20C Copyright Contra Vision North America Inc. 2019 Product Name Laminating Film Product Reference CL50CYE Page Revision Date Replaces Authors 22 2 CVNA 01 February 2019 A RAS Regulations Substrate Recommendations Application Recommendations Ensure that the printed perforated vinyl is perfectly cured and dry prior to lamination. Use a cold laminator to apply CL50CYE with proper tension control just enough to prevent wrinkles and tunneling occurring. There must be no tension difference between the laminate and the perforated window film. Do not stretch either the perfor

ated vinyl or the laminating film during lamination as this can result in tunneling wrinkles delamination and the perforated window film to lift off the glass after application. Suggested pressure settings of 50-70psi running at 160-230ftminute 50-70 metresminute but consult the laminators technical manual. After applying the laminating film let the printed overlaminated graphic sit for at least 12 hours before application to the glass to allow the laminating films adhesive to bond adequately to the perforated vinyl. If after lamination it is necessary to roll the graphics be sure to roll them loosely with the printedlaminated side out. If transporting the laminated graphics lay them flat between layers of cardboard or other protective material or roll the graphics with the printedlaminated side out onto a core that is large enough in diameter to prevent the liner and laminate from wrinkling or tunneling. Use a shipping tube whose diameter is large enough to easily accommodate the loosely rolled graphics. Avoid stretching the laminated graphics during installation they have a memory and if stretched may return to their original shape causing the perforated vinyl to lift off the glass later. Apply very gentle pressure using a hard squeegee. Edge sealing is not generally necessary but is worth considering for vehicle applications. It improves the resistance to environmental damage and cleaning. There are two methods of edge sealing a graphic 1.After printing trim back the Contra Vision perforated window film to the required size but not the liner. Apply the laminating film over the whole area and then recut leave at least 0.4 inch 10mm overhang of lamination around the edge of the printed perforated window film. 2.Seal edges with strips of overlaminate. After applying to the window apply a 0.8 inch 20mm wide strip of CL50CYE laminating film or ES-CL50CY Edge Sealer over the edges of the graphic so each strip is equally placed over the perforated material and substrat

e. When approaching the minimum application temperature for the perforated vinyl do not apply laminated perforated vinyl unless the ambient moisture level is low to avoid moisture being trapped in the perforated holes under the lamination film. Do not wash within 24 hours of application to allow the adhesive to reach its ultimate strength. To clean the graphics after laminating spray a non-abrasive non-solvent cleaner on a cloth then wipe. Do not use power washing equipment as powerful water jets can damage the overlaminate and cause the adhered graphic to fail. This document is intended as a source of information is given without guarantee and does not constitute a warranty. Purchasers should independently determine prior to use the suitability of the product for their specific intended purpose. All trademarks in this datasheet are Contra Vision Ltd Copyright Contra Vision North America Inc. 2019