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Arkema Plexiglas® P55

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET TDS MP55320 METHACRYLATE ADHESIVE 9411 Corsair Road FrankfortIL 60423 1-800-552-0299 METHACRYLATE ADHESIVE DESCRIPTION MP55320 is a high performance two part methacrylate adhesive engineered to bond a wide range of plastics metals and composite assemblies. It offers outstanding bond strength is extremely durable with excellent impact and weathering properties. MP55320 greatly increases the reliability of finished assemblies with exceptional flexibility its ability to with stand extreme temperature fluctuation and thermal cycling and resistance to a wide range of chemicals and environmental conditions. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES UNCURED VISCOSITY 250C cps COLOR MIXED DENSITY MIX RATIO THIX INDEX FLASH POINT RESIN 130000 ACTIVATOR 50000 OFF WHITE AMBER.SHELL 8.00 VOLUME 10 TO 1 WEIGHT 10 TO 1 5 510F PHYSICAL PROPERTIES CURED STRENGTH PSI SHEAR TENSILE 12 MINUTES 25 MINUTES WORK TIME HANDLING STRENGTH GAP FILL .25 INCHES TEMPERATURE RANGE -670F - 2500F 2800 2500 WHAT THE MP SERIES BONDS METALS ALUMINUM STEEL STAINLESS COATED METALS THERMO SETS FIBERGLASS PHENOLICS GEL COATS EPOXY RIM URETHANE POLYURETHANE LIQUID MOLDING RESINS THERMO PLASTICS ACRYLICS ABS POLYC ARBONATES NYLONS PPOs VINYLS PVCs STYRENES PEEKs PBT BLENDS PET BLENDS BENEFITS NO SURFACE PREP EXCELLENT STRENGTH IMPACT RESISTANT 100 REACTIVE ROOM TEMPERATURE CURE EASILY APPLIED PACKAGING The MP 55320 Series is conveniently packaged in 490 ml 380 ml and 50 ml cartridges pail and drum kits. Special packaging is available upon request. EFFECTS OF TEMPERATURE The product is best used at temperatures between 650 F and 800 F. Temperatures below 650 F will slow the cure speed of the material and viscosities will be higher. Temperatures above 800 F will cause the material to cure faster and viscosities will be lower. For consistent dispensing maintain temperature in the above mentioned range. STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE The shelf life of the MP55300 Series for most products is on

e year from date of shipment check with ASI. Shelf life is based on the products being stored properly at temperatures between 550 F and 750 F. Exposure to temperatures above 750 F will reduce the shelf life of these materials. These products should NEVER BE FROZEN. PRECAUTIONS ASIs MP55300 Series products are flammable. Keep away from heat spark and open flames. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. THE PRODUCT IS FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Keep containers closed when not in use. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Harmful if swallowed. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for complete safety information. HANDLING AND CLEAN-UP For optimum bond strength and to insure maximum performance in the finished assembly mate parts together within the specified work time of the adhesive. Make sure the bond joint has uniform coverage and that a sufficient amount of adhesive is in the bond area. It is important to have the adhesive applied parts aligned and positioned within the established work times for the product. To ensure maximum performance in the finished assembly parts should remain undisturbed until the fixture time is reached. Clean up is best before the adhesive has cured. Cleaners containing NMP N-methyl pyrolidone or Citrus terpene provide the best results. On cured adhesive repeat use may be required. NON WARRANTY Information contained herein is based on tests w e believe to be reliable and accurate. It is offered in good faith for the benefit of the consumer. The Company shall not be liable for any injur y loss or damage in the use of its chemical products since conditions or use