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Arkema Plexiglas® ELiT II

Plexiglas ELiT II EDGE-LIT TECHNOLOGY ACRYLIC SHEET Plexiglas ELiT II acrylic sheet is a melt calendared acrylic APPLICATIONS sheet that has the ability to diffuse light coming from light n Poster boxes or light boxes sources located at the edges of the sheet. Light is diffused towards the front face creating bright and evenly illuminated display panels. This effect is achieved through technology that will reorient the light source towards the surface n Illuminated signs for airports subways train stations bus shelters and terminals of the sheet. n Display panels for restaurants hotels department stores banks movie theaters and casinos PRODUCT OFFERING n Menu boards or information directory panels Thickness Sheet Size 0.157 51 x 100 0.197 51 x 120 0.236 0.315 0.394 Custom sizes available upon request. FEATURES n Can utilize either Fluorescent or LED light sources n Edge Lit technology allows for extremely thin frames for light boxes n Can be edge lit from one or two sides depending on sheet size n Weatherability is comparable to standard Plexiglas MC sheet TYpical StanDarD PROPERTIES - Plexiglas G Acrylic Sheet PROPERTIES TEST METHOD UNIT VALUE PHYSICAL hickness for data unless otherwise noted Nominal T in Specific Gravity ASTM D-792 - Rockwell Hardness ASTM D-785 M scale ASTM D-570 a W ter Absorption 24 hr immersion 73F 1 a W ter Absorption Long eT rm Equilibrium 28 days 21F 1.19 ASTM D-570 1 0.236 10 0.2 Poissons Ratio NA 0.8 - 0.35 OPTICAL Refractive Index ND 73F ASTM D-542 Luminous Transmittance - 1.49 ASTM D-103 1 92.0 ASTM D-103 eT nsile Strength maximum ASTM D-638 psi 105 eT nsile Strength yield ASTM D-638 psi 105 eT nsile Elongation ASTM D-638 eT nsile Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D-638 psi Flexural Strength maximum ASTM D-790 psi Flexural Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D-790 psi Haze 1 2.0 MECHANICAL 4.9 450 160 450 Notched Izod Impact 73F 23C ASTM D-256 ft-lb in 0.3 Un-notched Charpy 73F 23C ASTM D-256 ft-lb 0.5x1 section 7.0 THERMAL ASTM D-648 F

Coefficient of h T ermal Expansion at 60F ASTM E-831 in in F x 10 Coefficient of h T ermal Conductivity ASTM C-17 BTU hrft 2 Fin BTU hrft 2 Fin Deection eT mperature under Flexural Load 264psi unannealed 1 U-value summer gain winter loss NA Specific Heat Capacity at 7F NA Maximum Recommended Continuous Service eT mperature NA Recommended h T ermoforming eT mperature 205 3.9 -5 1.3 0.89 0.96 BTU lb F 0.35 F NA 180 20 F 290 360 CRAZE RESISTANCE Constant Stress Craze Resistance A IP 5 Constant Stress Craze Resistance Aromatic Alcohol Blend 5 o M dified CTRA e M thod iM l 796-P psi 210 o M dified CTRA e M thod iM l 796-P psi 170 FLAMMABILITY3 SPECIFICATION COMPLIANCE ASTM D-635 in min Smoke Density ASTM D-2843 Self Ignition eT mperature ASTM D-192 Horizontal Burn Rate 1 2 Surface Burning Characteristics Flame Spread CANUL-S102.2-07 Surface Burning Characteristics Smoke Developed CANUL-S102.2-07 135 0.125 - 0.250 - 50 0.125 - 0.250 File R1678 UL 94 - 94HB 0.06 UL 746C International Building Code IBC 260.4 - International Residential Code IRC 308.3 - American National Standard for Safety Glazing ANSI Z97.1 - f1 0.06 Colorless f2 0.06 AL C2 0.18 0.94 C2 0.125 - ANSI Z26.1 Standard Specification for PMA Acrylic Plastic Sheet 860 - File R1678 Plastics Component QMFZ2.E3947 - Outdoor Suitability A F AR F Section 25.853 1.0 F Plastics Component QMFZ2.E3947 - Flammability Classification FMVS 205 e F deral Motor eV hicle Safety Glazing 1.0 AS P 0.08 - AS-5 AS-6 AS-7 A px F aP rt 1 aP ragraphs a1iv p Procedure b5 15 second horizontal burn - AS P 0.18 0.472 ASTM D-4802 - Category A-1 Finish 1 .comt plexigas otw racmpleisngfhyF Data given are average values and should not be used for specication purposes. 1. h T is property will change with thickness .. h T e value given is for the thickness indicated in the column heading unless otherwise noted. 2. eT sts performed on 0.18 thickness. 3. Flammability tests are small scale tests and may not be indicativ

e of how materials will perform in an actual situation. 4. Conditioned for 24 hours at 12F 5. h T e values ar e after the material has been heated for forming. Plexiglas acrylic plastic is a combustible thermoplastic. Observe fire precautions appropriate or comparable orms o ood and paper. or building uses mpact resistance is a actor o thic ness. void e posure to heat or aromatic solvents. lean ith soap and ater. void abrasives. downlacpyfthePxigs . ePhysicalroptbu chec alInformtidAcySheG code approvals. he statements technical in ormation and recommendations contained herein are believed to be accurate as o the date hereo . ince the conditions and methods o use o the product and o the in ormation re erred to herein are beyond our control r ema e pressly disclaims any and all liability as to any results obtained or arising rom any use o the product or reliance on such in ormation O O O O O O O O OO O O O O . he in ormation provided herein relates only to the specific product designated and may not be applicable hen such product is used in combination ith other materials or in any process. he user should thoroughly test any application be ore commerciali ation. othing contained herein constitutes a license to practice under any patent and it should not be construed as an inducement to in ringe any patent and the user is advised to ta e appropriate steps to be sure that any proposed use o the product ill not result in patent in ringement. ee ltuglas and r or ealth a ety onsiderations. le iglas are registered trademar s o r ema nc. ll rights reserved. ema. O