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Arkema Plexiglas® Arena AR

Plexiglas Arena acrylic sheet is designed specifically for indoor arena glazing. It is made via the Plexiglas cell cast process which allows for the highest optical properties using state of the art acrylic sheet manufacturing technology. Plexiglas Arena acrylic sheet does not shatter like glass when broken. It is nearly half the weight of tempered glass which allows for quicker and easier change outs if needed. Plexiglas Arena sheet is available in two thicknesses full gauge 0.625 for the highest energy impact zone behind the goal area and full gauge 0.500 for the sides of the arena. For those heavy usage arenas an abrasion resistant version Plexiglas Arena AR acrylic sheet is also offered. Plexiglas Arena AR provides enhanced chemical resistance compared to uncoated sheet which will allow for easier cleaning and extended service life. n Conforms to ASTM F-1703 for Hockey Rink Glazing n Exceptional Optical Clarity n Little to no low angle distortion n Lightweight - Half the weight of glass n Fabricates just like standard cell cast acrylic