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Piedmont Sign Grade® AluPOLY® Limited Warranty

PIEDMONT SIGN GRADE 9.30.2021 ALUPOLY WARRANTY INFORMATION PART A. PRODUCT DETAILED DESCRIPTION AluPOLY aluminum composite panel is produced under China National Standard GBT17748-2008. Description will include panel thickness film plastic and painting. 1. Aluminum composite panel thickness 2mm 3mm tolerance - 0.2 mm The detailed thickness also can be offered according to the purchase order 2. Plastic interlayer without toxicity. 3. Polymer film 6-8 micron thickness. 4. Paint film Interior panel thickness 16 - 1 micro meter Polyester PE coating Impact strength more than 50 without paint off and crack PART B. PRODUCT QUALITY SERVICE 1. This warranty pertains to quality after clients bought and received our products. 2. Clients should inspect the productss quality within 30 days after they received the products. Project used panels can be inspected within painting warranty time. 3. Claims should be raised in writing within 14 days of the problems being notified to Alubang. 4. Please keep the ACP installation away from the chemical works high pollution high salt saturation and high temperature. This warranty is not valid if there are damages on the surface of the products caused by chemical substance or mechanical such as corrosion radiation loading and discharge transportation processing and installation etc. 5. In warranty days if after inspection the result indicates that quality flaw lies solely on Alubang depending on the actual situation Alubang will retrieve replace return products or return payment. 6. Clients should inform Alubang in wrting about quality problems. If the products have not been examined by Alubang and agreed in the written form Alubang will not be responsible for clients action. 7. Alubang will help the client with the amount if the contractor asks for replacement of problem panels. 8. Painting Guarantee Time 8-10 years for PE coating for indoor around 3 years for PE in outdoor applications. This warranty is valid only of signing. CONTACT

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