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AlumiGraphics® Smooth

Exceptional Foil-Based Print Media for outdoor indoor rigid wall graphics Unlike Any Other Material No Overlaminate Needed End User Friendly Installation Long-Term Outdoor Durability PURPOSE One-step durable material for outdoor and rigid interior walls shopping malls parking garages grocery stores restaurants trade shows stadiums universities museums and convenience stores Problems with Other Outdoor Wall Graphic Materials Problems Solved with AlumiGraphics Smooth Material Two-part structure consisting of base film overlaminate or flimsy vinyl fabric films. Combining incompatible or inferior materials. No overlaminate needed print direct to matte white material with PSA. Meets ASTM surface burning characteristics plus eco-friendly. Production Two part production process involves more time and labor. Must wait for inks to cure prior to lamination takes up space and risk of wrinkles requiring reprint. No waiting print direct to the surface. One material that is compatible with solvent eco-solvent latex UV wide format plus screen and UV offset printers. Image Quality Vinyl overlaminates can reduce resolution image quality and cause muted colors. Non-obstructed crisp surface print. Installation Removal Challenging to apply smoothly without wrinkles andor air bubbles. Requires experienced installers to apply remove typically with heat gun. End users can install and remove with ease and no special equipment. Typically leaves no residue. Durability Life expectancy is short term up to 3 months. Easily tears stretches and disfigures. Deteriorates with exposure to environment. Foil is very durable. Life of printed installed graphics outdoors is 1 year based on solvent inks. Indoor use UV latex inks last longer. Summary Problems time consuming more labor to produce difficult to apply remove varying degree of qualities adhesives and inferior durability. Benefits time savings realized with faster production installation plus unmatched durability resulting in cos