Piedmont Plastics has the facility, ability, equipment, and experience to provide a wide variety of solutions for your plastic fabrication and conversion needs. Pair our substrates with parts and components, cut-to-size, cut-to-shape, and film conversion services to complete your plastic projects.  In addition, let us take care of your scrap and recycling.

With the most experienced service team in the industry, Piedmont Plastics believes that quality people make the difference in the products you purchase. Not just giving you what you ask for, but ensuring you are getting the right product, in the right size, with the right specifications for the job. We want to work with you to be the solution to your challenges.

Piedmont Plastics is..."where solutions take shape"




Our computer-controlled cutting equipment is inspected daily to insure that we deliver a smooth, precise, close-tolerance cut. Have Piedmont cut your material today to save time and resources.


Machine To Shape

Our machinery has the capacity for enormous throughput, making large complex projects, quick, less complicated, and affordable to machine. Consider machining from the source!


Film Conversion

Piedmont Plastics is an industry leader in film conversion.



Our precision fabrication and thermoforming equipment ensure that product are finished to exact specifications.



When everyone works together, we can make the best use of our planet’s natural resources. Piedmont Plastics is ready to recycle your plastic scrap at any location. Go "Green" with Piedmont Plastics!




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