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Solutions are more than just stocking material.  With the most experienced customer service team in the industry, Piedmont Plastics still believes that quality people make the difference in the products you purchase.  Not just giving you what you ask for, but ensuring you are getting the right product, in the right size, with the right specifications for the job.  We want to work with you to be the solution to your problem.  Piedmont Plastics is . . . where solutions take shape.



Acrylic Sheet

Piedmont Plastics has the best brands in the plastics business. Looking for Optix®, Acrylite®, Plexiglas® or Chemcast®? We have your sheet.

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Piedmont Plastics has the best brands in the plastic business. Looking for Makrolon® or a generic match to Lexan®? Something custom? We have your sheet.



Foamboards deliver superior performance in a wide range of lightweight printable sheets. A perfect material for POP, graphic, and display applications.

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Corrosion resistant products include polyolephins, PVC, and halogenated products.


Engineering & High Performance

Noise, lubrication, wear, or corrosion a problem in your plant or business? Find out how our engineering plastics can offer big solutions to even small problems.



Piedmont Plastics Film Group is a converter and distributor of high quality plastic film. Brands like Bayer®, Dupont®, and Lofo® represent the highest quality thin gauge materials available today.



In the boating industry, Piedmont is synonymous with plastics. Leading the way with key brands like King, O'Sea, PMG, and Regalite, we are your headquarters for quality marine materials.



Flexible tubing is used in applications throughout industrial and service industries. From basic products to high performance solutions, we have the flexible tubing for your specific need.

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Expanded PVC

Expanded PVC is a versatile material with excellent physical properties. Celtec • Komatex • Palight • Sintra

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Electric Sign & LEDs

LED Lighting • Electric Sign Accessories • Channel Letter Components Sign Face Materials






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